International Calls without calling cards

International Calls without calling cards is the cheapest way to call your relatives and friends.

PURE Minutes announces a new way to save on international long-distance that’s as easy as picking up the phone. Pure Minutes provides a low-cost international calling solution that works with any phone number, regardless of the current provider. This means that a user can enjoy the benefits of low international rates without needing to change their current landline or mobile cell phone service provider.

The revolutionary Pure Minutes system instantly recognizes subscribers through an automatic caller identification which eliminates the need for complicated PIN numbers typically found on calling cards. In fact, Pure Minutes has eliminated the need for calling cards altogether. Topping up the minutes has never been easier using any of the convenient recharge locations around the world or online with any major credit card, cash, or a paypal account.

Never lose touch with loved ones again. With the lowest international rates on the market, friends and family are only a phone call away.

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1.PRIME World
Buy a PRIME plan and get pinless and TOP UP offers and never pay retail for your phone bills again!!
Pure Minutes Coin Stack

2.Add Credit
Add credit to your own account, and pay phone bills directly.

3.Top Up
Add calling credit to family and friends phone plans through your account.

Find Top Up offers through local calling carriers in your area
24 hours Phone Support

5.Get Help
Contact our bilingual 24/7 support center to get help with your account.
(866) 558 4169

The PURE Minutes difference.

However there is No Hidden Fees
Therefore No Connection Fees
In other word so Maintenance Fees
Real Minute Rounding
No Contract Required
Minutes Never Expire
Low International Rates
Reliable service with clear quality sound on both sides.
Best suitable for USA and other countries.

What they say about the International Calls without calling cards?
“Pure Minutes is a leading provider of international prepaid calling and Top Up mobile phone payments. Pure Minutes makes international calling affordable and easy, eliminating the need for expensive international mobile plans and deceptive calling cards. With Pure Minutes, subscribers are guaranteed low rates for all destinations – no gimmicks, hassles, or fine print! Use Pure Minutes to keep track of your friends and families phone accounts, manage your bills, add credit, and even earn free credit towards phone calls. Register for our service today, sign up is free!”