Indian Traveler SIM

Indian traveler SIM is good for those living in India and used to travel all over the world. When visiting  USA, UK, Canada or any other country this particular SIM card will provide them cheap calls back to home  and low priced data plan. There are lot of SIM cards available specially for the people traveling world wide. But Jaxtr’s SIM is far different from other ones and it provides calls and data that you want while you are moving to other foreign countries. So lot of foreigners are buying this SIM once they reach India.

Indian Traveler.

most of the Indian travelers used to have their own smartphone with international roaming facility. Those roaming mode is expensive and it make it more expensive as the Smartphone setting will allow it to check email for you every 10 minutes. These operations may give you a big phone bill when you coma back to your home. So the international VoIP service provider Jaxtr Inc, a company co-founded by Hotmail program fame Sabeer Bhatia, is releasing a Global SIM to attract millions of international travelers for to use in their mobile phones.

Already the USA version was released and the Indian traveler version was offered last week and it is available for Rs 600. Those who are traveling to Europe including Britain, US, and Canada can make low price calls back to home or other destinations by the use of local phone number.
The popular VoIP service provider Jaxtr Inc expects to sale more than one million SIM cards to the Indian travelers within the coming two years period.

Jio SIM is very popular with the India people. Lot of Indians do have this Jio SIM card and eSIM in their Smartphones. This Jio SIM is good for the Indian people who used to travel foreign countries specially to USA and UK. Here is the details.. Jio network offers very best Mobile Data Plan too for their customers.

The Jaxtr Advantage.

Global Ready
Both standard & Micro SIM cards are available
Online account management
24×7 Customer support
No commitment, prepaid SIM card
3G Data available
Auto-Refill (never get cut off mid-call)
Permanent US number
Call forwarding to any number worldwide
Voicemail forwarded to email
Absolutely no connection fees

Take note that this Global SIM require unlocked quad band GSM phones from the Indian traveler.
Also they offer many other call plans at affordable price to their world wide clients through their web site.

Vodafone SIM Card For Indian Visitors.

Get a Vodafone Sim with Unlimited Local and STD Calls | National Roaming | Free Local & STD SMS
Rs 199 Re-Charge will give 28 days package with free 1.5GB Daily data too.
How to get Vodafone SIM card in India?
Provide your photo, passport copy, local address and one local phone number to get the SIM card from the Vodafone office. This will save you lot of money from the roaming bill.