Homepod Mini

Price in USA: US$ 99
India Price: Rs 9,900/-
Sri Lanka: Coming
Homepod is now discontinued After three years in the market on March 12, 2021. This opened the way to bring the Homepod Mini From Apple. Recently the Homepod Mini was introduced in the USA. The earlier version was supported by Best sound. And microphone technology, Siri integration, specially designed Apple’s woofer. In addition 7 number of tweeters, 7-inch mesh body, Spatial recognition with Stereo sound and facility for AirPlay 2.

Now the Homepod Mini is in the market with lot of features and at affordable price. It comes in attractive colors such as blue, orange, and yellow to fill your room with perfect sounds.It is just 3.3 inch height with round shape design. In addition there is Siri touch interface and provides 360 degree Audio and it is supported by S5 and U1 chips. This Apple Homepod Mini is good against to compete with Amazon Echo and Google Nest Audio as all these are priced at the same price.

In addition, Apple claims that the Homepod mini “delivers impressive sound, works seamlessly with iPhone, features the intelligence of Siri, and is the foundation for any smart home”. This is good for to view Podcasts and to listen Apple Music that got more than 9 crore songs in it. It works seamlessly with Apple’s Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops. Further more people can make calls or receive calls through it.

This is good to control Smart home accessories to Siri with voice commands. Under Intercom it works with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, and CarPlay. It allows all the people in the home to get notifications and send messages.

Apple iPhone.