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Free Calls, Rebtel calling plan offers cheaper and reliable calls all over the world.. Rabtel is now offering a call plan named as “Rebel Calling”. Rabtel plan will give you free unlimited international phone calls for a year, and $1 a month after that. This is a cheaper plan from a better service provider, according to the industry. This is good for those people who had installed the Rabtel App in their Smartphones. Free International phone calls From Rebtel is available with your carriers standard local calling plan. In this way the Rebel Calling connection is working. So you will be charged with local call fee for this phone calls. Normally an international Rebel call will only cost about $0.04 per minute.

Free Calls, Rebtel Explained.

To make Free Rabtel calls You and the person you’re calling must have installed the iOS or Android app from the Rabtel. For a person who don’t have a Smartphone, then you can buy calling minutes from Rebtel to make a call to that person. So calls between Rebtel users are free. A Rabtel user can purchase calling minutes and call anybody at low price. The service is available as International one and local one for the Rabtel registered user. The purchase can be made through credit cards and you can reload it time to time whenever it is necessary.

There’s no need for an Internet connection with Rebel Calling, and you won’t have to use up your precious data to make calls, either.
Rebel Calling is now available in more than 50 countries, including most of South America, Central America, parts of Europe including Scandinavia. The app is available in English, Spanish or French.

Top up Cuba Phones with Rebtel.
Recargas is a way to send credits to your friends in Cuba. The credits are sent in USD via Cubacell and will be received in CUC for them to use to make calls. In addition India unlimited calls are offered for 10$/month for both landlines and mobile phones.

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To Get Cheap International phone calls Download this Rabtel App. Additionally when calling allow the “Intercept International Calls” to get your calls through the App.
Then install the APP in your device.
Moreover to get more cheaper calls the Wi-Fi connected devices perform better.

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