Fleksy Keyboard App

Fleksy Keyboard App.
Fleksy Keyboard App is good for your hand held device when you want to type messages faster. More  people who are using Smartphone, Tablet and Smart Watches are installing the Fleksy Virtual Keyboard App in to their devices for faster typing.It comes with color selection of your keyboard and provides comfortable input facility to you through your device. It comes with many colorful themes and sizes. It won’t let you make any errors once you are familiar with it. It contains advertisement.

It is easy to add space, delete words or to add punctuation in your text. When words are not enough for you, then there are millions of FREE themes, millions of GIFs and millions of stickers to express yourself to others. Also there is facility to select support for any one of the available 80 languages in the App. Many users recommend this App to be very useful to send text messages and emails very fast and accurate. Already downloaded by 20 million users.
Last Updated on Nov 16, 2023.

What are the other features?

Powerful auto-correct. (Auto-correction in 45+ languages and with colorful, cool themes.)
Fully customize It’s look and feel of the keyboard including its colors, fonts, sounds,
Easy access for emoji. Simply get what you want from the Emoji list.
Nice themes & keyboard size options.
No more switching apps to search the web, videos, music, movies and more! Access fleksy apps from the chat, email or notes app! Each fleksy apps fetches songs, videos, restaurants in one single tap for you.
Type of layouts.Guinness World Record holder for the fastest keyboard. So fast that you’ll type accurately with your eyes closed.
Fleksy is the only private keyboard on the planet. This means that everything you type and do stays on your device. Customize your keyboard and make it YOUR keyboard. Number Row, One Handed Mode, Hot Keys with the stuff you use more often. Your keyboard, your Fleksy.
Lot of people in the USA are using this Flesky App in their devices.

Fleksy Keyboard App.


Available free for the Android Devices and Apple products with in-app purchase facility.

For Android devices, Google Play.

iOS Devices:  iTunes.

HTC Phone.

Source: http://fleksy.com/