Cellphone Insurance

Cellphone Insurance.

Cellphone Insurance Coverage is important one specially if you are going overseas or have sensitive files in it. Those iPhone users in the USA can go for AppleCare+  when you purchased a new device from them and it should be applied within 60 days of this purchase. Normally this insurance will cost you around US$ 199/year. There are many cell phone insurance plan providing companies available all over the world. You may lose your cell phone due to theft,  flooding, earthquake, fire,  crack during its charging, and due to many more unexpected events.

Cellphone Insurance For Traveler.

If you are coming from USA to Sri Lanka for a visit, you can use your Smartphone with a locally purchased SIM Card. But losing the Smartphone may give you much trouble. So buy a cellphone from near by shop for around US$ 50.

Or you can go for a Smartphone insurance plan to accidental damage, theft or lose of your device. Cellphone Insurance are provided by some carriers in Sri Lanka. But the cell phone insurance from your country will be the best one. So get a Cellphone Insurance from your country before you start your journey.

New SIM.

Provide your passport photo copy and buy two Pre Paid SIM cards from them with two different mobile numbers. Then re-load them for US$ 10 each. Ask them to activate them and check it your self whether they are functioning properly in your phone.
Now with one SIM in the cellphone and one SIM in hand start your preparation work.
Save all your important contacts in the SIM and phone book of the phone too.
Now remove the SIM and insert the new SIM and store all those important contacts to this New SIM card.
Keep the other SIM card in a safe place as this will save you from putting insurance coverage for it.
Now send SMS message for all your contact that this is your Sri Lanka number for them to contact you if they need.

If you had lost your cellphone,  get a new phone and new SIM and insert it.
You have all your contacts here. (Accessing it through Gmail.)
This is more cheaper than depending on a cellphone insurance plan where it used to cost you $10 a month.

Lost or Stolen Smartphones in the USA.

When you buy a new Smartphone register it with the mobile phone company in the USA.
Get Insurance coverage for it on monthly payment plan.
Also the Carrier too may assist you to track your phone through their APP.
Install track your phone Apps.
If lost, never try to recover it yourself alone, without the help of the police as that person may a dangerous person.

By the way, inform to the carrier about the lose of the SIM card and you can get a new one with the same number and with your remaining balance. For this SIM card the cost is used to be around $1 only. The SIM card with the lost cell phone will be disabled. If you happened to get the cellphone again no problem throw away the SIM that is inside of it as it it won’t work any more. If you want to make the phone too to be unusable you must complaint the incident to the nearest police with the IMEI number and send the complaint copy to the Sri Lanka TRC and they may disable the the device in short period.