Calls From Africa

Calls from Africa are now originating mostly through the Smartphones than the cellular phones. Calls to USA, Canada, Australia and to Europe most of the African people use their IM Apps that are enabled through Viber, Skype, WhatsApp and through other cheaper programs. It is very interesting to see that lot of calls are made between the UK and African countries regularly. As the regular calls through the IDD method is very expensive for the Africa region people. They mostly depend on free IM calls or use cheap priced VoIP phone calls through the call shop agents. Smartphone users in Africa can make calls through their Mobile data plan by connecting to their carrier. Interestingly most of the Africa customers experience drop calls and interrupted calls due to poor services.

Still many people depend on the traditional cell phone to send and receive SMS text messages as they are very cheap. In the Africa region everybody is familiar with these type of communication between friends and families. but they don’t use Text messages to communicate as it is little expensive while they are not sure about the delivery of their message.

Africa Calls.

In some African countries local people are familiar with the missed calls and they have meaning for the number of rings meaning to them from the caller. These rings number may have different meaning of messages between selected people. In this way they used to save lot of money from their regular phone calls between family members and friends.

There are plenty of free and cheap phone call providers for the countries in the Africa region. if you are uisng PC then use the Chrome browser as this browser supports nearly all the dialing soft phones.

How to make free international call through
There are 3 steps to make free calls:
1. Open your web browser and go to
2. Enter the destination phone number using the dial pad.
3. Click on call.

Here most mobile phone carriers charge lot of money for IDD calls through the mobile phones rather than the land lines.

If you are a foreigner traveling to the Africa region always carry your satellite phone with you. Because due to unrest in many places cell phone towers are not used to work. Frequent power failure is another problem here.

Calls from Africa, Phone card.

Phone cards are provided by local mobile phone carriers and private phone companies. Don’t buy them in bulk. First check themĀ  one by one to find the perfect phone card for your country or for the local calls.

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