Call India Phone card

Call India Phone cards are available with plenty of calling minutes from its cheap phone call service provider. India calling cards are easily available through the internet for purchasing. Actually it is designed to  suit your phone calling  type. It can be land line to land line, land line to mobile phone, mobile phone to land line and mobile phone to mobile phone.


Moreover to make calls to India enter the phone number starting with country code 0091. For e.g. if you are calling 65-32323858 in India, you have to dial 00916532323858 and the other side phone will ring as soon as possible.

Indians are living all over the world as immigrants, professional service providers or students who are following higher education in foreign countries. These calling cards are the best for them to make calls back to their homes and these can be purchased from many companies through the internet.
Additionally if you received any mobile phone call in India as IDD, don’t be surprised.  Some of the cheap phone call providing companies offer low priced calls to Indian mobile phones too. Most of the call cards require internet soft-phone while some of them offer PIN assisted land lines and mobile phones directly to dial phones in India.

Buy India Calling cards.

Before buying any India call card check whether they will give you the following things.
Must be rechargeable, offer pin less dialing, speed dialing, easy to setup and there should be no hidden charges. Some phone card providers may give you to dial toll-free access number to start the International call. This should be followed by your registered phone number and PIN no. That you had created at the time of sign up, followed by the India country code (0091) and the city code (65) and the phone number. Wait for the ringing sound on the other side as it may take plenty seconds to get connected.

These cards can be purchased from online using credit cards or debit cards. Also in most part of the world newspaper stands and small shops are selling these cards for their customer’s convenience. Some companies send these cards through mail order too.
There are many popular brands that are reliable for to use or claim back your money, if there is any fault in the calling facility. Take note these India calling cards mostly come with a validity period and you have to use all the available money or minutes before the expiry date. Failure to do so will result in loses of that purchased money.
When you are going abroad from India carry one of these international phone card to call back home.

Popular Call India phone cards.

Here are some popular phone cards to Call India.
Mother India phone card
Reliance India calling card
Airtel India card
Chakde India calling card
Unlimited India
Hello India phone card

Airtel is one of the popular Mobile phone service providers in India.
Check their services that are good for IDD calls to India.

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