BMW HP4 Race Motorcycle.

BMW HP4 Race Motorcycle.
USA Price: US$ 78,000
India Price: Rs 85,00,000/-
Malaysia Price:  RM 191,420
UK Price: £68,000
Australia Price: $116,000

BMW HP4 Race Motorcycle is made for tracks and in many countries it is not allowed to use on roads. This is one of the latest race breed and was planned at the initial stage to produce 750 units only. Already 10 numbers of these motorcycles are sold in Australia.


The motorbike is considered as light weight with its usage of latest carbon construction techniques. It is included in the body work, Carboncore, creates much stronger parts, with the carbon fabrics put in a mould and the resin injected in them. Carbondrive is used in the frame and wheels, and uses non-woven fabrics with continuous fibres.

Racing style digital console can display everything from peak brake pressures to spring travel, throttle position, individual wheel speeds and bank angle.


BMW HP4 Race Features.

DIN wet weight 377 lbs (171 kg)
Dry weight 322 lbs (146 kg)
999 cc, 4 cylinder, water/oil cooled HP4 RACE factory engine
215 hp, 88 lb-ft of torque (120 Nm)
Reinforced WSBK transmission, longer first and second gear
2018 BMW HP4 Race Titanium bolts used throughout to minimize weight
Brembo GP 4 PR brake calipers
6.75 mm brake disc thickness
Highly precise and steady brake pressure points

Brembo radial brake master cylinder for the Disc Brake
Carbon front wheel and rear wheel: 1.7 lbs (770 g) lighter than forged wheel
Öhlins Fully adjustable FGR forks from the WSBK
Variable fork bridge offset: 28 – 30 mm and 26 – 32 mm
Steering head angle adjustment from -0.5° to +1°
HP brake and clutch levers
Milled aluminum switches
Racing wiring harness prepared for 2D linear position sensor
Unitary HP carbon front
RTM carbon frame (Carbondrive) 17 lbs (-9 lbs vs. RR)
Lohmann HP Shift Assist Pro for easy gear shifting
Brushed and polished aluminum fuel tank
Unitary HP carbon rear
32.7” HP race seat, and it can adjustable from 32.1” – 33.3”
Single piece carbon intake muffler and side trim panel
Provided with carbon race engine spoiler
Complete carbon trim panel
Milled HP footrest system: 8-way adjustable
Ohlins TTX 36 GP rear shock
Two plates to adjust spring strut position


WSBK swingarm
Eight inserts for swingarm position -3 mm to +4 mm
520 racing chain
15, 17 pinion sprocket
Four aluminum rear sprockets – 41, 42, 44, 45
2D racing data logger including analysis software
HP Race Calibration Kit
2D dashboard from the WSBK / MotoGP
WSBK complete titanium exhaust system (AGA) (Akrapovic)
Titanium precision casting flange on the AGA

Only One Color available: Light White/Racing Blue metallic/Racing Red


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