4G LTE Sri Lanka

4G LTE Sri Lanka mobile phone connection provides faster download and upload speed through mobile phone data plan. Currently Sri Lanka people are enjoying the 4G connectivity through their Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops throughout the island. Nearly all the mobile phone carriers are offering this connectivity after discontinuing 3G service to their customers. People can achieve it through their 4G SIM, Dongle and through routers. Also all your devices with the Wi-Fi features can get this fast internet connection service.

Sri Lanka Airtel had completed its new 4G transfer system to its clients.
In addition Dialog Axita too had changed their customers 3G Connections  to 4G. In addition.

4G LTE Devices

This 4G  connectivity needs you to have LTE 1800, Band 3 enabled devices.
4G capabilities LTE 1800, Band 3
Speed Bandwidth: 20Mbps
Burst speed: 40Mbps

Currently all the Sri Lanka mobile phone carriers are offering 4G LTE SIM cards along with free data plan to their customers with 4G enabled devices. This is to make their current 2G or 3G connectivity in to 4G LTE through their Smartphones. Take note if you want to get this service, your phone must be capable of LTE 1800.

Sri Lanka Mobitel service provider is currently testing with its 4.5G Technology to be connected to the internet. Mobitel is popular a service provider with more popularity with the Sri Lanka Government servant and the Government pensioners. 4.5G too requires models that are good for this faster connectivity.

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