Tuk Tuk in Sri Lanka

Tuk Tuk in Sri Lanka  (Three Wheels) are taking a big part in the transport sector of the villages of Sri Lanka. Mean while lot of Tuk Tuk are running in the Colombo district to transport people during peak hours. Budget tourists too depend on this mode during their visit to Sri Lanka.

Tuk Tuk Polo.

Sri Lanka was earlier very popular for its Elephant Polo tournament. After rogue action of some participating elephants the event was turned in to TuTuk Pola. The Tuk Tuk tournament used to take place in this island nation every year where many countries are named and participated in this event.

TUK TUK Sri Lanka.

Tuk Tuk Sri Lanka depends mostly on the import of the India Tuk Tuk such as Bajaj, and TVS models. Bajaj, and TVS are very popular in the motorcycle and scooter sector. Now the Srilanka Government allows to import 4 stroke engines only to prevent the air being polluted by the 2 strokes of the Tuk Tuk engines. Mean while Italian model Piaggio Ape is very active in the goods transport sector. Indian Mahindra & Mahindra is too trying to get their share in the Sri Lanka Aato market.

Many companies have their own three wheeler to transport documents between their offices. Also bakery product makers too have their own version of three wheels to sell their products to the rural market with special display windows on them.

TukTuk and Tourists.

Lot of visiting tourists hire or rent a tuk tuk and learn to drive them. Then they get the official temporary driving license and used to travel in it make their Sri Lanka tour. Lot of rules govern the operation of the Sri Lanka tuk tuk machines. The important one is only 3 people are allowed to travel as passenger along with the driver.

The Sri Lanka Government prefer brand new cars rather than the second hand – used cars to be imported from Japan to control the air-pollution and they are expected to offer special tax cuts for the EV cars and the hybrid ones which are imported in to Sri Lanka in the near future. Already they have planned to promote the three wheels that will run on electric power. Currently Tuk Tuk three wheels are dominating the Colombo streets with their petrol and diesel engines. Nearly all the Auto’s have fitted with Tariff meters. If you are a visiting tourist never get in to Autos without Tariff Meter as at the end of Journey the greedy driver may make trouble for you. (Not all of the drivers are bad people)

In the year 2018, Rs 50,000/- tax increase applied to the three Wheeler to promote the electric model usage. Every year they used to pass the Green test before the renewal of their Revenue licenses although it is not enough to control the air pollution in the capitol.

Yamaha FZ25