Tourist Departure Colombo Airport.

Tourist departure, Colombo airport information for the benefit of tourists who had spent their Holidays / vacations here. The departure procedures used to change time time depending on the foreign ministry’s advice. Any how you must get your return air ticket in “OK” status.  Now you can fill the arrival and Departure cards in the online website very easily.

Take note that lot of passengers are using this departure terminal during the peak time.

You must be at the Colombo airport at least 3 hours prior to your flight departure time. So arrange your van or car to be there at the required time. You can request your hotel front desk for the airport drop service. The Colombo airport drop service providers will ask whether you are going to use the Express Way or normal route. If you are using the Airport Express Way then you will have to pay the toll post payment with your hire price. If you are coming from Negombo city or from Colombo city you can use this 100 Km/h speed Expressway. You can arrange call taxi too to reach Colombo airport from your tourist hotel.

If you have large baggage, inform about it to the Taxi Company as some of the Hybrid Taxis may not have large cargo space in them.
Express Way. There is a shuttle bus service starting from the Colombo central bus stand and a luxury train service starting from the Colombo Fort railway station to the Katunayake railway station. Three wheels also called as Tuk Tuk and Aato will not be allowed inside of the Katunayake airport.

Tourist departure Colombo Airport (BIA Katunayake).

Colombo city to Colombo Airport distance 34 Km
Negombo city to Colombo Airport distance 10 Km
On the morning and evening during the office hours expect heavy traffic in the normal routes.
If any visitor is accompanying the Tourist, must obtain a Rs 300/- entry ticket to go up to the departure lounge with them. Visitor accompanying a tourist as a Sri Lanka Tours agent  must pay a parking fee, if he parks a vehicle in the airport parking area.

Reaching Colombo Airport.
Departure terminal is located in the front of the airport complex and the passenger will be given ample time to alight from the vehicle. There are trolleys available at the terminal. Use any of them to get your bags with you. Paid Airport Porters too are available in this area. But ask their service price first before you ask them to carry your luggage.

At the Airport Entrance.
Keep your air ticket printout and your passport to show at the gate.
Then only the security personal will allow you inside for the security check.
You can display your e-ticket that is in the Smartphone or Tablet. If you had missed the ticket,  can get a printout in the adjoining office by providing your flight number, name and passport number.

Banks Are Available At The Colombo Airport Departure Terminal.

Banks located at the corridors of the departure lounge will assist you in converting your reaming Sri Lanka Rupees in to Foreign Currencies. You may have to display your passport for this processing. There you can exchange foreign currencies in to any other foreign currency. Bank notes which are torn, hand written or marked with any rubber stamps are considered as unusable one. So don’t accept them while making Sri Lanka Tours. There is restrictions applies on the amount of currencies you can bring and can take out of the country.

Colombo Airport Departure Lounge.

At  Colombo Airport departure lounge, online check in facility is available.
Airport Porter service and Information Desk are available in the lounge.
An electronic weighing machine is provided to check  baggage’s weight.
Separate Men and Women wash rooms are available in this lounge.
At the Colombo Departure lounge you can find coffee shop that offers short eats, soft drinks tea and other items.
One Supermarket too is available on the left side end.
Small souvenir shops too are available.
LED TV will display the status of your flight’s status as ready, counter opened and so on.


airport shop

Check In And Boarding Pass.
Tourist departure-colombo-checkin
Enter in to the restricted check in area by passing the security check point when the TV displays, your counters are opened. Tourist departure is hassle free at the Colombo airport.
Pass the Sri Lanka Customs.
Go to assigned counter number and get their boarding card, if hadn’t collected it through the online facility.
Hand over your luggage. Get luggage tickets.
Proceed to the Immigration counter and get stamped on your passport.
Proceed to the boarding satellite area gate as instructed.
Wait for the door to open.
Tourist departure is made easy for to attract more guests.
Bon Voyage.

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