Breakfast For Tourists

Breakfast For Tourists specially for the foreign children are listed here. Sri Lanka breakfast dishes are far different from the other countries. Here for the breakfast people take hot chilies included foods, sweet and bread based foods as their favorite ones. Boiled beans, nuts and tapioca dishes are popular here in the morning.
As a tourist you must take much concern about the dishes that you have for the breakfast. Because you are nearly traveling in the day times. And to find a wash room in a hurry and suitable for your culture may be difficult one, while in Sri Lanka.

In Colombo and other large cities you can find European type breakfast with coffee, fruit juice or with aroma tea with or without milk. You can find toasted bread, marmalade, butter, fried eggs, ham, bacon and sausages. these foods are limited to large cities and star class hotels. Also you can find American style breakfast in McDonald, KFC, Wendy and other popular fast food outlets that are located in large cities. Star Class Hotels in Colombo used to offer Buffet type breakfast for their patrons.

Breakfast For Tourists. Eat Like Sri Lankan.

As per the Sri Lanka Tours operators most of the Sri Lanka holiday makers not serious about their breakfast. Most of them prefer a full dinner and used to carry on with their activities till to the noon. And for the lunch too they don’t much care about the dishes. They care about drinking king coconut water, natural fruit juices and to eat as much as fresh fruits.

Young children who are very active during their holidays over here, used to look for meals any time of the day or night.

Here we provide some breakfast selection for you and your children who used to be hungry in the mornings.
In Sri Lanka people make breakfast dishes in their homes. And if they want to buy food from out side then their selection will be at a local bakery, tea boutique, small restaurants or from a roadside porridge vendor.

Breakfast For Tourists Porridge.

Most of the porridge sold in large glasses by the road side vendors are made with herbal leaves, coconut milk, rice or rice flour.
Some may have garlic in them, so ask the vendor.
Many are really sweet which are sold as Sago porridge, beans and rice flake porridge.
You don’t need to worry about these porridge drinks, as they are freshly prepared in the morning and used to be hot.

Let’s name the chili included foods that are available in the mornings all over Sri Lanka.
Seeni sambol (Like sambol olek) Bun. ( Inside the bun chili powder mixed onion slices fried in the oil)
Curry Rotti (Inside hot chili curry with beef, fish or vegetable)
Chinese Rolls. (Inside hot chili curry)
Cutlet (Inside hot chili curry)
Samosa (Inside hot chili curry)
Egg Rolls. (Boiled Egg with hot chili curry)
Malu Pan (Inside canned fish made as hot chili curry)
Kiri Bath with Pol Sambol. (Kiri bath is rice cooked with milk. The sambol will have hot chilli in it)
Pol Rotti with Pol Sambol. (Sambol will have hot chillie, Pol Rotti may have small pieces of green chili)
Vada (may have small pieces of green chili)
Ala Bola (may have small pieces of green chili)
Pattice (may have small pieces of green chili)

Sweet Ones. ( Good for Foreigners and their Children)
PanCake (Sri Lanka Style. Scrapped Coconut with Sugar Syrup, inside the roll)
Jam Pan
Bun (Locally called as bunis)
Kimbula bun
Sausage bun
Pittu with coconut milk.
Appa or Appam (center can be filled with according to you with egg, jaggery or sweet coconut milk)

In all the supermarkets you can find fresh bread, butter, bread spread, marmalade, Jam, cheese slices and cream cheese.
Breads too available as normal, sliced ones, French bread, sandwich bread,

As a tourist you can stock some of these on your Sri Lanka Tours.

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