Moto 360 Smart Watch From Motorola.

Moto 360 Smart Watch is selling very well in the USA market. When Motorola Moto 360 smart watch was introduced few years back, it became as a hit and instant success as the products had been totally sold out. Now once again this Moto 360 is available in stores and online websites to purchase.  There is other models for the sports crazed youngsters and elders. This stylish product is also available in the Rose Gold to satisfy the rich look for the high society people including movie stars and professional sportsmen who got millions of followers all over the world.

Moto 360 2nd generation

Recently the Moto 360 2nd generation is too introduced and it is too available for you to buy. These popular products are available for per-order in the Motorola website too.
First released in 2014.
Latest release in 2015 Moto 360 2.

The simple elegant design that looks like as an ordinary watch and it looks far different from today’s’ smart watches.
It is available in two stylish bands.
Light metal case with Stone leather band
Dark metal case with Black leather band
Price US $249.99
360 Sport. Price: US$ 199.99
360, 2nd Generation Rose Gold US $330
360, 2nd Gen US $300 (USA Store)

Some of the Moto Smart watch features are as follows.
Get app notifications from lot of Apps including Facebook, Pinterest, Eat24 and Lyft.
Water resistant.
Built in heart rate monitor.
Can synchronized with any Smartphone running Android 4.3 or higher.
Its battery power will last for a day.
Leave it on the charging dock to be charged.
While getting charged it will function normally.

Moto 360 Smart Watch Specifications.

Men’s: 46 mm case – Requires a 22 mm band.
Android or iPhone Apps.
Battery life: 300mAh battery – Up to 1.5 days Ambient off. Full day with Ambient on.
Accessories: Wireless charging with included charging dock.
Ambient light sensor: The screen automatically adjusts to the surrounding brightness.
Heart rate sensor:Optical heart rate monitor (PPG).
Wi-Fi connectivity
Stay in touch, even if your phone is beyond Bluetooth range.