Qatar Provides Fastest Internet in the MEA.

Fastest Internet in the MEA region.
Qatar provides the highest speed Internet connection throughout the Middle East and Africa-MEA region.
It is reported by the Akamai Technologies that Qatar averaged connection speeds of 13.7 Mbps in the first quarter. This had an increase of 64 percent year from the last year.
Qatar is ranked 7th in the world and first and the best in the MEA region. it provides with the highest average peak connection speed at 107.9 Mbps in this years’ first quarter, surpassing the 100 Mbps threshold for the first time. It representing a 21 percent year over year increase. In the mobile market, Qatar had the second highest average mobile connection speeds at 13.6 Mbps.

Fastest Internet fiber optic.

Mean while 99 percent of Qatar’s households are connected by a fiber optic network and according to Qatar’s ICT Landscape 2015: Households and Individuals; 86 percent of the households have fixed wired broadband network.

Qatar’s National Broadband Plan (NBP) was published by ictQatar in 2013 to support and promote broadband market development by providing guidelines and actions the nation needs to take in the next decade to ensure that the opportunities offered by broadband technology are realized. Qatar has already achieved the ambitious goals relating to Internet speeds and access set out in the NBP.

In the recent years Middle East countries are having fast internet connection, Wi-FI and Data plan. This allows the people in the region to communicate with other parts of the world. Also they can interact in the social media websites with their friends and relatives any time.
Latest Samsung and iPhone smartphones are widely used in these countries where most of them choose their device language as Arabic to be their default language.  English is moderately used by natives while foreigners and the expatriate workers use English for to use in their devices. These people too heavily depend on Data plan to communicate through the internet.