Vehicle Permit Holder Car Price

Vehicle Permit Holder Car Price.

Sri Lanka Government executives are offered with brand new vehicles at half the price.
Further more, these vehicles under permit can’t be transferred or sold. It is a crime under the existing Sri Lanka law. In addition permit holders must keep watching Newspapers and TV’s to find special offers and concessions. They used to come from the car importer, Banking sector and popular leasing companies. Some time you may get good offers from them for your vehicle permit from them. New Central Bank Governor had took post in this year April 2022. He is giving hope on the importing of vehicles from overseas to Sri Lanka market.

New Year 2022 had arrived. But the expected growth for Sri Lanka is not in sight. So this year too there are no chances for resuming the vehicle import in Sri Lanka.
2022 Used Car price in Sri Lanka.
Hilux Vigo Champ Rs 14 Million
Toyota Prius 2016 Rs 10,950,000/-
Toyota Premio Superior 2010 Rs 87,50,000/-
Suzuki A Star 2011 Rs 29.50
Toyota Prado 2015 Rs 39,750,000/-
Mitsubishi Montero 2013 Rs 24,500,000/-
Mercedes Benz C200 Rs 28,900,000/-

Meanwhile Sri Lanka Central Bank new Governor had stated in 2020, that if the foreign currency flow is good in the coming year car imports are possible. In addition, the vehicle import restrictions can be removed soon. Also the restricted imports too can be revised in the future.

Corona and Vehicle imports in Sri Lanka.

However, this year, just as Corona virus took hold of Sri Lanka; the government imposed a complete ban on Motor Vehicle imports. The government cited 2020 foreign currency out-flows as the primary reason for this decision. With this new rule, vehicles with already established letters of credit have not been permitted into the country. The impact of this decision to the Sri Lankan economy, vehicle importers, and other related industries, has not been favorable, according to some. Entrepreneurs who have been in the motor vehicle industry for generations, and those providing support services for motor vehicles have been adversely affected. We spoke to The Vehicle Importers’ Association of Sri Lanka (VIASL). By Chaturanga Samarawickrama Read more

Permit holders can buy vehicles already imported at reduced prices: Finance Ministry

However, the Finance Ministry today said vehicle permit holders who haven’t been unable to import vehicles due to import restrictions, can purchase unregistered vehicles already imported to the country from registered vehicle importers/sellers at market price minus the tax concession entitled for such permits. Read more.
Steps to issue duty free vehicle permits to 79 Members of Parliament soon. Read more.

Vehicle permit holders.

Above all vehicle permit holders can do all the necessary paper works to buy their cars through reputed banks in Sri Lanka. Similarly  through the popular car importing companies. Commercial Banks used to offer leasing facilities and other financing facilitates to the customers. Most of the Sri Lanka people first prefer to buy a Japanese sedan model car or Japanese Hybrid car. In conclusion this is to show their status and power or to save fuel bill with the Hybrid model. More over, there are thousands of Wagon R Hybrid models are on the roads of Sri Lanka. Because these kinds of model have good second hand re-sale value. Overall their second choice is, cars made in Europe and then USA that is followed by the Indian make cars. Further more, lot of Indian cars are on the road due to their lower price and spare parts availability.

In addition, the permit holders must take care to buy proper Insurance policies and coverage for their new vehicles that they are buying under this scheme.

Vehicle Permit Holder Car Prices. (Import Ban applies on vehicles)

Model                                                                     Permit Price
Ssangyong Muso Rexton 2022                               Rs 60 lakhs
Mitsubishi Eclipse 2022                                           Rs 59 lakhs
Mitsubishi Triton GLX L200                                   Rs 61 lakhs
MGHS 1.5L                                                                  Rs 59 lakhs
Premio Toyota 2022                                                  Rs 64 lakhs
Range Rover Evoque (Land Rover)                        Rs 15.0Mn
2022 Toyota CH-R                                                     Rs 5,200,000
Used Car Price (2022) in Sri Lanka.
Year     Model     Price

2018 – Vitz – 8.1 Million
2018 – Alto Japan – 5 Million
2015 – Alto India – 3 Million
2017 – Toyota Axio – 15 Million
2008 – Axio – 6.4 Million
2014 – Toyota Premio – 12.5 Million
2019 – Premio – 19 Million


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