Blue Moon Diamond

Blue Moon Diamond is one of the popular Diamond in the worldwide precious stone collection.
Moreover, this Blue Moon Diamond fetched US $48.4 million in the auction.

In addition property tycoon Hong Kong-based J.L had paid US$48.4 million for to buy 12.03-carat diamond dubbed “Blue Moon” for his seven-year-old daughter in an auction held in Geneva and renamed it as “The Blue Moon of Josephine” with hi daughter’s name. This Blue diamond was mined in South Africa.  And this is the largest cushion-shaped blue stone. Earlier he bought one more stone a rare pink diamond weighing 16.08-carat from another auction house Christie’s for US$28.5 million and renamed it as “Sweet Josephine”. In the year 2009, he bought a blue diamond stone for $9.5 million and renamed the diamond as “Star of Josephine”. The interesting thing is that he had done the bidding through the telephone call with the Auction house.

About Blue Moon Diamond.

” Further more, the Blue Moon diamond drew widespread media attention when the discovery of the 29.62 ct rough (figure 1, left) at the Cullinan mine in South Africa. This announcement came in January 2014. This mine, formerly known as the Premier, is also the source of the historic Cullinan diamond. Along  two other blue diamonds: the Smithsonian Institution’s Blue Heart, a 30.62 ct Fancy Deep blue gem discovered in 1908. And the 27.64 ct Fancy Vivid blue Heart of Eternity, unveiled by Steinmetz in 2000.

In addition it’s publicity increased when it was purchased by Cora International LLC for $25.6 million. Setting a record price per carat for a rough stone (Bronstein, 2014). In addition on June 2014, the diamond was cut into a 12.03 ct cushion. And was graded by GIA as Fancy Vivid blue and Internally Flawless (figure 1, right). Further more Cora International named it the Blue Moon diamond as a tribute to its rarity. Blue Moon made its first public appearance at the Natural History Museum. In Los Angeles County (NHMLAC) on September 13, 2014. That is for a temporary exhibit running through January 6, 2015.”

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Source: Foxnews