Smart Watch Popularity.

Smart watches are produced by large techno companies like Apple, Samsung, Motorola and so on. These phones are designed to take some of its activities through it while it depends for to carry on the other tasks through its main Smartphone. So it is useless to have it with out a Smartphone and both should purchased from the same Smartphone company to get the full functions.

On the other hand, Smart Watches too need frequent charging like your Smartphone where other standard wristwatch batteries can run from one to 5 years of time period. There are many designs with many faces with many features where the top of the model can withstand water immersion for limited time at limited depth in fresh water.

In Asia and Africa the Smart watch penetration is very few as people here don’t want to leave their Smartphones in home or even in their brief case as they want their dear phone to be in their hand or in a place very quickly can reach for it when it gives a sound for a call or notification. These people know the value of the Smartphone and its help. But for some unknown reason they prefer to be with their Smartphone always, except its charging time.

What you can do with a Smart watch?

Get your directions through it.
Interact with your Smartphone from anywhere.
Allow you to do use voice searching facility.
You can send hand drawn emojis to your contact
Stay informed and connected.
Play music, do shopping, reserve a flight seat and many more
Respond to messages on the go and while flying
Buy different watch bands and wear them to match your dress color.

Top Brands with suggested price.
Apple Watch Nike+

Apple Watch Series 1

Apple Watch Series 2

Huawei Watch 2

Samsung Gear S2 Classic

Asus ZenWatch 3

LG Watch Style

Samsung Gear S3

ZTE Quartz

Apple Watch Series 3

Smart Watches in Sri Lanka.