Listen Radio In Smartphone.

Listen radio in Smartphone and it is not an option in the iPhone devices that are selling in the USA and in other countries. After the invention of radio in phones, it had made lot of people to listen radio stations in Sri Lanka. Most of the young people specially girls like to listen radio programs when they are traveling in public transport. In Sri Lanka there are more than one hundred FM radio stations available for the listeners. Most of the Smartphones are coming with the original Radio App installed in the factory. The phone owners can use the auto tune facility in the App to listen to any of their local FM station. Also if have mobile data they can listen to international stations. In Smartphones’ you have the choice to download and install any desired FM station.

Smartphone users have the facility to listen their favorite FM station with the tap of their selected station program and can listen through their headphones or through the built in speakers. The latest technology allows them the facility to listen FM radio stations through their Bluetooth player in their homes or work places that can be bought from the local electronic stores. During the Test Cricket matches, One Day Internationals and Twenty 20 Internationals (T20)v matches lots of youngsters used to follow the live commentary of them through their FM Radio stations.

Listening to FM Stations.

A SIM card, it is connected to the network or not, is enough to activate the Smartphone to allow you to listen to the radio programs at any time as all the stations are operating 24 hours a day. Some radio station’s frequencies are good for to listen to the radio stations in Colombo only. If you can’t listen to the radio station clearly while you are out of Colombo then use their secondary frequency. For example Gold FM got 2 frequencies as 93.0 and 93.2

Lot of Sri Lanka youngsters used to one FM radio station only and they used to interact with the stations through social media like Facebook fan page of their favorite radio station, Twitter page, through premium SMS, phone calls and through live chat on their official website. Most of them request for songs while many others announce greetings to their friends and relatives birthdays and wedding anniversary days.

These station used to offer News of the day, hourly news and breaking news in Sinhalese Tamil and English languages.Most of the Sri Lanka stations are dedicated to one language programs and songs only.

While traveling in train or bus use headset or Bluetooth head set to enjoy the music.

Foreigners when visiting Srilanka can listen to 70’s, 80’s popular songs in the Gold FM which is available on 93.0 and 93.2 frequencies 24 hours a day.

Listen radio Sri Lanka FM Stations.

Having this radio station tuning information is good when you are going on a trip. You can use this to select this on the vehicles radio player or on your Smartphone to listen the station.

Using headphone and listening music in High volume can bring you headache and can cause damage to your hearing in the long use.

Kirula FM 96.6
Kiss FM 96.9
Kothmale FM 98.4
Lak FM 106.0, 106.2
Lakhanda 93.5, 93.7
Lakviru FM 105.2, 105.4
Lite FM 87.6, 87.8
Neth FM 94.8, 95.0
Radio Sri Lanka 97.4, 97.6
Rajarata Sewaya 107.3
Ran FM 100.5
Rangiri Sri Lanka FM 104.4, 105.7
Real Radio 97.1
Red FM 99.5, 99.7
Rhythm FM 95.6, 95.8

More Stations.

Seth FM 101.8
Shaa FM 90.9, 91.1
Shree FM 100.0, 100.2
Singha FM 88.6, 88.8
Sirasa FM 106.5, 106.7
Siyatha FM 98.2, 98.4
Sun FM 98.7, 98.9
Sooriyan FM 103.4, 103.6
Alai FM 91.4
Shakthi FM 103.9, 104.1
Tamil National Service 102.1, 102.3
Thendral 104.7, 104.9
Vasantham FM 102.6, 102.8
Velichcham 92.7
Vettri FM 90.4, 90.6
TNL Rocks 99.2
V FM 107

VIP Radio 94
Y FM 92.7
Yes FM 100.8, 101.0
City FM 89.6, 89.8
E FM 88.3
FM Derana 92.2, 92.4
Gold FM 93.0, 93.2
Hiru FM 96.1, 96.3
Isira TNL FM 89.1, 89.3
Kandurata FM 107.3, 107.5
Kandurata Sewaya 107.3

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