Dialog Offers 4.5G in Colombo.

Dialog offers 4.5G in Colombo for its customers. Once you change the correct Smartphone and the Dialog new SIM it  is offered to you in Colombo and superb, if you are their customer. The Sri Lanka mobile phone carrier Dialog announced that they are offering 4.5G network connection in Colombo. Some newspapers carried advertisements about their latest achievement. As per them they say that you can experience the power of 4.5G today with Sri Lanka’s Number One Network provider. Dialog Offers 4.5G and it helps to get a burst speed of 100Mbps. It is available in Colombo 2, Colombo 3, and Colombo 7. And it soon expected to be available in you area too.

Above all the leading Sri Lanka mobile operator Dialog has started to test its latest 5G connectivity in Sri Lanka. In the first stage they are offering in certain place in the Colombo city on trail basis. Currently the 5G is the world’s fastest connection for the mobile data plan. It can provide the user with fast internet connection. This can provide faster downloads and uploads of content even while on the move.
5G is expected to be a useful one in the medical sector too as per the IT experts. Many mobile phone companies are ready to implement 5G in their latest devices. So Future Smartphone devices and future Tablets can work with 5G connection.  When the 5G comes reality there will be lot of devices too will come to all parts of the world.

Dialog 4.5G  Related fees.

Connection fee: Rs 1,900/- for Dialog 4.5G
Packages Available are 100GB and above.

4.5G Smartphone From Huawei.
Hor instance Huawei has recently unveiled the world’s first Smartphone with 4.5G technology capability. This will double the current download speed. It will use the 4X4 MIMO technology. In other words expect 60 per cent reduction in call drops even on if you have weak signals in your area.
Above all it comes with 5.5 inch display.
In addition it got a Battery 3750 mAh and its charging time is 30 minutes.
Similarly Huawei P10 is priced at 649 euro.
Further more the device is priced in the range of 699-799 euros according to its memory size.

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Source: http://www.businesstoday.in/latest/trends/huawei-unveils-worlds-1st-smartphone-with-45g-technology/story/247031.html

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