Dialog and Mobitel Now offer Mobile 4G LTE

Dialog and Mobitel Now offer Mobile 4G LTE.

Dialog and Mobitel now offer mobile 4G LTE  connectivity for their customers who have 4G enabled Smartphones. Sri Lanka one of the rapidly developing nations in the South East Asia now offers another first to its citizen in the region. Already the mobile phone service providers here are providing 2G, 3G, 3.25G, 3.5G and 3.75G internet connectivity service to their customers at affordable price. After the introduction of the 3G service the popularity of the Video calls had risen sharply. Lot of young men has their own Smartphones with front and rear cameras that can make video calls with out a drop where the mobile internet service is at its best.

Mobile 4G LTE

Now recently the Government had allowed the mobile phone carriers to use the mobile 4G LTE connectivity (4th Generation Long-Term Evolution) through out Srilanka. The main carriers Dialog and Mobitel didn’t leave the chance, they grabbed this opportunity and are now offering the mobile 4G LTE service in most of the cities around the island. Tourists and the media personal are the one getting most of this updated benefit as they have the 4G LTE enabled devices.

However the service is provided Island wide. Whoever want this faster connectivity service must have the compatible handset. Special SIM card and the service contract with Dialog or Mobitel.  Once they have all the required things they can connect to the internet. Can download whatever they want at faster speed. Above all the best thing is that they can download every thing even from a fast moving vehicle or from a fast moving train.

A common man can understand the file download speed difference using the 4G and 3G. He can be said like this where 4g is 10 times faster than the 3g. In a 3G phone when you had made 10% of the total file the 4G would have finished it completely.

Similarly these Smartphones are good for 4G LTE usages in Sri Lanka are here.
1. LG Optimus G (LTE up to 100 Mbps DL)
2. Sony Experia V (LTE up to 100 Mbps DL)
3. Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
4. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra LTE
For instance the 4G LTE network can be by laptops and tablets through the latest 4G LTE Dongles.
Huawei E3276 LTE USB

In the meantime SLT and Mobitel had merged in to one company to provide better service to Sri Lanka citizen.

Source: TRC-LK