Data SIM Card On Arrival in Japan

Data SIM card – Japan SIM card for mobile Data plan. At the Japanese Air Ports visitors can buy Data SIM cards from the vending machines. Get the SIM, insert it in the Smartphone. Set the APN and connect to the internet instantly through the Smartphone. This gives the arriving passenger easy access to the Internet. In turn they can use it to connect to their Social Media Apps and can make free calls back home. Lot of Americans visiting to Japan do depend on this Mobile phone Data SIM card for to access the Internet.

Recently U-NEXT Co Ltd has announced their installation of such vending machines which will sell U-mobile Prepaid prepaid SIM card, at the Narita Airport Station.

Reports of the Japan National Tourism Organization the number of visitors to Japan continues to grow. Last year’s 19.7 million was up 47.1% from the previous year.

U-NEXT one of the major mobile communication service provider in Japan, decided to make mobile services more accessible for visitors who have just arrived in Japan. U-mobile data SIM card vending machine is available inside the Narita Airport Keisei Line Station.

Japan SIM for Data plan details.

The data only SIM cards are sold in two variants. (Sorry it is NOT suitable for voice calls).

Plan 1: U-mobile Prepaid 7 days.
High Speed Data Amount:200MB/day
Validity:7 days
Price:2,000 yen (including tax)
Types of SIM card:Standard, Micro and Nano

Plan 2: U-mobile Prepaid 15 days.
High Speed Data Amount:200MB/day
Validity Period:15 days
Price:3,500 yen (including tax)
Types of SIM card:Standard, Micro and Nano

Speed will drop to down to 200kpbs once it reaches 200MB/day until 11:59PM of that day.
200MB of Mobile Data is allowed to refill to the phone on the other day.
This SIM card is for data communication and not for phone calls.

No activation is necessary. Insert SIM into the device. After that set the APN and now you are connected.

The fact that U-mobile Prepaid is available just steps away from the airport will help make the traveler’s adventure much more secure, easier and much less stressful. These Japan SIM for Data plan are available in standard sizes at the arrival lounge.

Source: Daily mail.

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