Bangladesh Smartphone Usage

Bangladesh Smartphone usage is seeing a rapid growth in the usage of smartphone all over its cities and villages. Some reports said that the growth for during Q1, 2013 is 220 percent. Mean while first quarter of 2013 saw 4.3 million mobile phones sales in the country. But in this year 2018 Bangladesh is raidly increased its Smartphone users. As for the official reports nearly 147 Million Smartphone users are in Bangladesh. It is surprising to watch that 95% of them are pre-paid customers.

Bangladesh Smartphone users.

Here is the list of mobile phone carriers with their customer numbers.
Grameen Phone Ltd. (GP) 65.866
Robi Axiata Limited (Robi) 44.225
Banglalink Digital Communications Limited 32.356
Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd. (Teletalk) 4.553

Total of Smartphone users are 147 Million in Bangladesh.

Leading Smartphone Brands in Bangladesh.
For long years the Smartphone market in Bangladesh is dominated by the Symphony brand. They are marketing quality Smartphones at affordable price for this market. There is not much complaint from the users. So the sales of the Symphony Smartphone market is steadily growing in this part of the world. Samsung is placed in the third position with its expensive and superb devices.
1. Symphony
2. Walton
3. Samsung
4. Oppo
5. Huawei
6. Maximus
7. Okapia
8. MyCell
9. Elite
10. WE

In the over all sales Symphony Mobile had took the leader position sending behind Samsung and other top brands in Bangladesh. Any how the Smartphone market is expected to reach good position after the prices are getting cheaper and features are expanding rapidly.

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