TVS Electric Scooter

TVS Electric Scooter iQube.
iQube Price in India: Rs 163,230/- (Without Subsidy)
Price in Karnataka: Rs 112,230/- (FAME Subsidy Rs 51,000/-)
TVS iQube S Model
iQube ST Model
Sri Lanka iQube Price: Rs 660,000/-

TVS Electric Scooter iQube is one of the best battery powered scooter model produced in India. TVS iQube Electric was introduced to the Indian Two Wheel market by TVS motors. It is priced at Indian Rupees 115,000 with all the necessary accessories for charging it in homes. Good for to protect the environment and it will save lot of money from the petrol usage in the long run. TVS iQube Electric got one more feature that will allow the rider to use the reverse button whenever want to park the electric bike in a difficult spot. Rider can get around 75 Km of distance with the speed of 75Km/h with a single home electricity charge.

TVS iQube Electric don’t make any noise pollution as it is smooth running with fitted electric motor. Meanwhile there are lot of e-Motorcycles and E scooters are available in India for sale. Indian Government is too supporting the sale of these types of Two Wheeler to control the air pollution in cities.

Why iQube?

Eco Mode Ride: 75 Km
Top Speed: 82 km/h
Smartphone connection via Bluetooth for the TVS Smartxonnect.

What are included?
3 Year Warranty(Up to 50,000 km)
Moreover Lifetime  Basic Features.
Smartxonnect.In Addition, One year RSA (Road Side Assistance)
However Standard Accessories are provided.
In other words, One year Smartxonnect. Advanced Subscription facility.
Further more TVS Offers, Attractive EMI Options.

On the pickup side it race from 0 to 30km/h in 4.2 seconds and with this information you can see its torque power Ladies too will like this electric scooter as it comes with tubeless Tyre for the front wheel and for the rear wheel too. Quick one hour charge will provide you with 15 – 20 Km range while it comes with 3 year warranty. Also they provide good EMI purchasing option for this e-scooter.

TVS Electric Scooter Features.

TVS iQube will provide good smooth silent riding in cities and villages.
Smartxonnect. and Q-Park are some of the latest iTech facilities available with the iQube.
Powerful torque that can give 0 -30km/h in 4.2 seconds.
Unmatched riding experience with cheaper running cost. Easy to maintain the scooter.
60 Minutes of charging will provide you 15 – 20 Km range.
0 – 80% Charge in 4:30 hours.
Battery 3year warranty.
Tubeless Tyre’s on both wheels.

Q-Park assist will allow the rider to move forward or reverse to park it in a difficult position.
Large storage space is available under the seat
Additionally 3 Li-Ion Batteries are provided for each scooters.
Moreover this Electric scooter weighs just118Kgs.

In addition, accessories that comes with this TVS Electric scooter is,
Cable for Charging and a capable Charging adapter.
Will provide Free Lifetime Basic Smartxonnect..

Hero Scooter.