Dispose your Smartphone, start new life with a cell phone

Dispose your Smartphone, start new life with a cell phone.

Dispose your Smartphone and start your new life with a cell phone. First of all see that the owners of Smartphones don’t give any attention to nearby people or to their family and friends. All they want is to give and get everything through their Smartphones. If it is a birthday or Anniversary they just select pre-made sticker and send it to them. They had lost their creativeness and their life too. If their Smartphone go out of juice or have operational problem they will start to shiver and become as an angry person. So forget having a computer on the go instead have a cell phone for calling and messaging purposes.  Broken relationship with friends made many people to drop their Smartphone. And to go for a simple mobile phone. Useless messages and uncomfortable images marked with vulgar comments made many people sick of the social media and many had lost their good friends and love because of these Smartphones. On the other hand they pay lot of money too for the carrier for the data plan whi9ch had broken their relationship with many of their good friends and relatives.

Dispose Smartphone.

Now the simple mobile phone which can receive and allow you to dial calls along with the facility of the SMS text messages had saved many relationships. Even they too keep the distance between people to do gossips and many of them meet their friends after so long period.

These simple mobile phones are used all over the world which are so cheap when compared with the latest Smartphone. These can not only cheap in price but will also reduce your monthly phone bills. On the other hand they are very easy to operate too. With the Smartphone with some careless moves you may dial your uncle who is in deep sleep. With the cell phone there is not much chance for it. Further more even if you dial some one accidentally you can stop the call before it rings on the other side.

Dual SIM card facility and SIM swap facility is another one that allows you to control your call plan. The battery can stay in stand by mode for nearly one month with one simple full charge.
Do you think that your relationship with other people are going worse? Then switch off your Smartphone and go for a cell phone to changed your life style.


Source: www.calllanka.com