Mozido with MasterCard payment


Mozido with MasterCard payment provides mobile payments platform. This includes mobile financial services. Further more, loyalty programs, and mobile offers for the business and retail sellers provided. Additionally, with their cloud based MoTEAF platform, and is serving around the world. These are for those who want to manage their money using their Smartphone. It works virtually with any wireless carrier or mobile device, and integrates easily with products from vendors throughout the world.

Sri Lanka Mobile Phone Payment providers: HNB SOLO, ComBank Q+, BOC SmartPay, LankaQR, and Sampath Payeasy.

Mozido provides acloud-based, white label, mobile payment, shopping, and marketing solutions supported by customer behavior analytics through integrated platform. Mozido provides secure, cloud based technology is PCI security compliant and able to operate on any mobile Operating System. It makes it as the best solution for users around the world.

Recently the company has signed a global commercial agreement with MasterCard service providers. Theyintegrate MasterCard payment into it’s global ecosystem of mobile payment. Also for marketing, and commerce services accessible from any type of mobile phone. This will create a powerful global mobile payments environment that will enhance adoption for merchants and consumers.

Mozido Payments.

In conclusion, under the partnership, this service currently supports MasterCard credit, debit, and prepaid cards as mobile wallet funding sources.
So under this agreement people will be able to use MasterCard security and commerce services along with MasterPass, HomeSend, MoneySend and rePower in this Mobile Transaction EcoSystem Architecture Framework.

What is Mozido?
It is bringing mobile solutions to industries all over the world. With white-label, cloud-based solutions, Mozido is enabling industries such as retail, financial institutions, MNOs, restaurants, municipalities, hospitality and CPGs to extend valuable mobile services to their customers. These services increase customer engagement, provide targeted marketing, and offer lower cost financial services. Mobile payments, loyalty and engagement with Mozido create infinite possibilities for your business.

Pay through Phone.

Additionally, this mobile payments include bill pay, airtime top up, national and international remittance, person-to-person payments, stored value accounts and merchant payments. In conclusion, all these with bank-grade security built in.


More over, with mobile loyalty from this company, you can customize your loyalty program to be as unique as your business. In addition, Mozido gives you the flexibility to create, customize, brand and maintain an engaging loyalty program in a matter of hours.


USA Pay phones

USA Pay phones

USA Pay phones (Public Phones) once numbered 200,000 is now shrinking in numbers. Although its usage is not going down rapidly. The pay phones are very popular with the tourists and the immigrant farm workers who want to contact with their home in their home country. The main reason for the decline in the Pay phones are the rapidly going down due to cheap mobile phones and decline in their phone call rate for the international calls. Although for many people that the Pay phone is cheaper to make international phone calls.


On the other hand the managers of the USA Pay phone are planning to dismantle these phones if they are not making at least 100 calls per month in any place. Because the costs related to the phone line, equipment, and maintenance are too much to keep it in the ground.

USA Pay phones Future.

Local governments understand the need of them during the emergencies. So they may put them in public places like stadiums, schools, or hospitals. For example  when natural disaster stuck the country wireless towers went down or networks are jammed and people struggled to communicate and that time these USA Pay phones provided them assistance to make calls.

New York understands the need and are planning to upgrade their remaining 7,000  pay phones with free Wi-Fi.  Companies are interested with the plan and are ready to share collection and the advertising fee with the City authorities.

Countries like Japan, South Korea and European nations are still maintaining their pay phone system at their best. In these countries people heavily depends on their Smartphones. If their battery goes down then what they can do while they are on the move. To solve these kinds of problems, more  countries are maintaining pay phone system around Air ports, Bus terminals and Railway stations.

For Latest News on USA Pay Phones. Here

Source: Digital world.

Indian Traveler SIM

Indian Traveler SIM

Indian traveler SIM is is good for those living in India and who used to travel all over the world. When visiting  USA, UK, Canada or any other country this SIM card will provide them cheap calls back to home  and low priced data plan. There are lot of SIM cards available specially for the people traveling world wide. But Jaxtr’s SIM is far different from other ones and it provides calls and data that you want while you are moving to other foreign countries. So lot of foreigners are buying this SIM once they reach India.

Indian Traveler.

most of the Indian travelers used to have their own smartphone with international roaming facility. Those roaming mode is expensive and it make it more expensive as the Smartphone setting will allow it to check email for you every 10 minutes. These operations may give you a big phone bill when you coma back to your home. So the international VoIP service provider Jaxtr Inc, a company co-founded by Hotmail program fame Sabeer Bhatia, is releasing a Global SIM to attract millions of international travelers for to use in their mobile phones.

Already the USA version was released and the Indian traveler version was offered last week and it is available for Rs 600. Those who are traveling to Europe including Britain, US, and Canada can make low price calls back to home or other destinations by the use of local phone number.
The popular VoIP service provider Jaxtr Inc expects to sale more than one million SIM cards to the Indian travelers within the coming two years period.

Jio SIM is very popular with the India people. Lot of Indians do have this Jio SIM card and eSIM in their Smartphones. This Jio SIM is good for the Indian people who used to travel foreign countries specially to USA and UK. Here is the details.

The Jaxtr Advantage.

Global Ready
Both standard & Micro SIM cards are available
Online account management
24×7 Customer support
No commitment, prepaid SIM card
3G Data available
Auto-Refill (never get cut off mid-call)
Permanent US number
Call forwarding to any number worldwide
Voicemail forwarded to email
Absolutely no connection fees

Take note that this Global SIM require unlocked quad band GSM phones from the Indian traveler.
Also they offer many other call plans at affordable price to their world wide clients through their web site.

Vodafone SIM Card For Indian Visitors.

Get a Vodafone Sim with Unlimited Local and STD Calls | National Roaming | Free Local & STD SMS
Rs 199 Re-Charge will give 28 days package with free 1.5GB Daily data too.
How to get Vodafone SIM card in India?
Provide your photo, passport copy, local address and one local phone number to get the SIM card from the Vodafone office. This will save you lot of money from the roaming bill.


Vodacom no traceable person, NO SIM card.


Vodacom no traceable person, no SIM card.

South Africa’s Vodacom has decided to keep all the SIM cards should be available to traceable persons only. Around one million SIM cards were de-activated by the company.  So far these SIM cards are not yet activated by the users personally. Most of them belong to a single person and some of them to particular companies. This procedure is to prevent criminals using SIM cards. SIM cards will de-register, if not had been activated by the owner within 30 days.

In Sri Lanka and India too local Governments are not allowing SIM cards  to be in operation in mobile phones If they don;t have proper Identification of the owner. Also those phones which don’t have IMEI number too can’t be used in these countries.

From Vodacom office.

Vodacom chief officer said this is to prevent criminal and fraudulent activities by criminals from contacting others without their identity. As per South Africa cell phone regulatory rules it’s illegal to buy SIM and connect to network without required documentation. It will be the proof of residence and identity document.

In addition the RICA registration is free. Although some street vendors are charging to R5 – R10 to RICA the customers unregistered SIM cards.

In Sri Lanka people have to produce NIC to obtain Sim Card to use in use there. Also the client  must use a phone with IMEI number. Foreigners visiting Sri Lanka must provide their passport to obtain a limited time valid SIM card in Sri Lanka.
In India people need to provide “Athar” card and must be present at the Mobile carrier to obtain SIM card. When a visiting India wants a New Mobile SIM card then he must provide his photo, valid passport with valid visa. And the SIM card will be active till her/his expires if he regularly re-charge the mobile phone account. Recently Airtel and Vodafone had increased their standard package from INR 169/- to INR 219/-where the validity period is 28 days of time.

Why Governments force to SIM registration?

Further more most Governments want to issue SIM cards for the people who have registered their true details with the mobile phone carriers. This is because if the person engage in fraudulent activities or breaking the country’s law then he can be caught easily. For this they expect the party to provide passport copy, National Identity or other proof with their photo and residence address.

Further more some people used to make threatening calls to others. In other words people used to send nonsense SMS to unknown people. Spouses used to threat their separated wife’s through unregistered SIM phone numbers. Plenty of bad things used to happen through these fake people. To avoid theses Governments want to register all the SIM cards with the mobile phone carrier.

Warning On SIM card

warning on SIM card

Warning On SIM Card.

Warning on SIM card can’t be ignored as it can lead to exposing your personal details, files and other important documents to out side people. Like PC and Laptop Smartphone’s SIM card too can be controlled by outsiders by planting scripts in your Smartphone. They used to take control of the device without the knowledge of the Smartphone owner, if the SIM card holding devices are connected to the internet. These scripts used to allow unauthorized access of your device. Those people can send email, dial calls, transfer money from your bank account and so on. And can perform every other possible things under your name to make profit for them.

Also their background activities not only drain your batteries but also use your data plan and your money too. Now the worst had come to every Smartphone owners. Recently a SIM card hack has been discovered by  Karsten Nohl, German cryptographer and security researcher in the recent years. According to him attackers can get in to the SIM card secretly through the scripts. And can send text messages messages or re-direct and record calls that are coming to that particular mobile phone. The trick is carried out through by sending a SMS message to capture the mobile phone through the SIM card.

Warning On SIM card

Further more the reports says that not all the SIM cards are at danger.  Although millions of phones can be affected if the security flaw supports the cyber criminals. And there are no chances for them to get the security flaw for another six month period.

Lot of phones are hijacked in the USA every year. Bad script providers targets the unsuspecting user who used to accept them and allow them to install the script.

Recently Sri Lanka TRC had announced all the mobile phone SIM card users must provide their true Identity to their carrier. To check this details the user can Dial #132# from his mobile phone and following the instructions they can find the following details.
Mobile phone number
Owner’s Name
NIC number
SIM number
If these don’t match with your details re-register the SIM once again under your name.

Major carriers are on the path to find a fix to this problem before it going to affect their business.

Warning for Smartphone users.

Meanwhile don’t accept or open SMS messages that are coming from unknown people with very interesting headlines. Also don’t open attachments that are coming from unknown people stored in your E-Mail inbox. Never play videos in your device that are coming from unknown senders. Never accept unknown peoples’ friend requests in social media apps. Don’t switch on Bluetooth in public places. If you happened to switch on it be careful of those people who try to send you some files. Like wise don’t jump on to unknown peoples’ free Wi-Fi hot spots. This is another path to place scripts to control in devices by outsiders.. So always use trusted Wi-Fi connection or pay and use your own Wi-Fi account. Also don’t connect with Bluetooth from unknown people’s devices.

Important to safeguard your Bank Account.
If you are using online banking facility through Smartphone, never give your Smartphone to others
In addition, some of them can install unwanted scripts in  to your phone to steal money from your account.
Never send your bank account number to unknown people.
Further more if you get any SMS or text messages from unknown people don’t reply to them.
Never install unnecessary Apps in your Smartphone.
Time to time “optimize” your Smartphone. This will stop unwanted App operation in your phone.