Zuzume Prepaid Calling Cards

Zuzume Prepaid Calling Cards with pin less service to make International and Long Distance Calls are available from the Zuzume phone cards company. These phone cards can be purchased through their  internet website at your convenience with the desired amount. They allow you to pay through secured payment gateway with your credit card. No PINs, Low Cost. In addition No Expiration and No surcharges, hidden fees or expiration of minutes. Similarly you have Account Tools to control your account. Price starts from US$ 5, 10, 20 up to US$ 50. These cards can be purchased in the internet using Debit or Credit card with or with out the auto top up facility. In addition if you had enabled the auto top up facility you will not never run out of calling minutes in your account. The account can be accessed through Smartphone or through the PC or Laptop.

Why Zuzume calling cards?

Because these cards offer best calling rates for the international and long distance calls with crystal clear sound.
Therefore, Calls made with these cards will cost 10% only when comparing with your mobile phone usage charge.
No extra fees charged or hidden charges from you.
Further more this calling card will never expires.
Card’s remaining balance will NEVER be depleted by any fees and surcharges while using the local access number.
Pin-less dialing facility.
However, 100%, fund return with no questions asked, when you return the card for refund.

Therefore,this phone card is good for to call USA, Europe, Australia and many more countries.
Not recommended for Sri Lanka users to make long distance or IDD calls.

In conclusion Zuzume Pinless service terms & conditions: Minutes do not expire until they are used. Rates are subject to change without notice.
Calling rates.
United States (+1)
Alaska – Bush 25.6¢ / minute
Alaska – Non Bush 8.3¢ / minute
Directory Assistance 8.3¢ / minute
Hawaii 3.0¢ / minute
Interstate 5.9¢ / minute
Toll Free 5.6¢ / minute

PayGo Plan

To any destination worldwide. More minutes to the places you call most with crystal-clear quality. In addition the PayGo Plan can be used with any voice plan.

  • Less than 2 cents per minute to select destinations in Mexico
  • Add funds when you need or sign up for auto-recharge to always have funds available
  • No expiration date

Unlimited Global Plan

No contracts, fees, cards or pins. You’ll have unlimited access to 80 destinations* for just $15.

  • In addition call up to 10 numbers per 30 day period
  • Additionally 10 numbers are the first 10 numbers completed to each month
  • The 10 number list resets at each new billing cycle
  • If an 11th number is dialed, then it will work just like PayGo. If the PayGo is not funded, you will be directed to add funds.
  • The Unlimited Plan can be purchased at any time in your monthly service plan and lasts for 30 days.

Source: Zuzume

USA Card