Prepaid phone cards, tips from Better Business Bureau

Prepaid phone cards, tips from Better Business Bureau.

Prepaid phone cards tips, if you are staying in the USA or frequent visitor to the USA. If so you may used call state to state or IDD calls using the pre-paid phone cards or the virtual phone cards. These cards you used to buy from small vendors or through the internet. These phone cards are good and handy to make such calls. But most of the phone cards do not keep their promise to their customers on the side of the call minutes as they promised through their printed notes of contracts.

Phone Cards.

Most of these phone card users are not much care whether they are getting what they had paid for to those phone cards company when you are purchasing phone cards from them. As a phone card user you must be careful and keep record of those calls you made with that phone card and see whether you had received the minutes for the paid money. Many investigators and pother sources had found out that most people just use those phone cards and make their calls and are not much worried about whether had received the service for that money they had paid. Most of them lose their money on the international calls and when their card’s call minutes are over they used to think this is normal and they don’t calculate the money they had paid for the those call minutes.

Better Business Bureau.

Recently the Federal Trade Commission had investigated the prepaid phone cards from the company called DR Phone Communications for more than 12 months. And they found out that the cards averaged only 40 percent of the minutes advertised by the company in the media. According to a settlement with the FTC, DR Phone Communications can’t make false claims or advertisements about its prepaid phone cards, the minutes on its card and the per-minute rates. The company must take out all their deceptive materials used in the marketing and sales of its prepaid phone cards. In addition to this, they have to publish and  disclose all fees. And when they apply along with when the calling card expires.

Purchasing a Phone card.

Before purchasing a prepaid phone card, the Better Business Bureau encourages consumers to carefully read their marketing materials. Posters or web pages, including the fine print, and to consider the following.
Is there fees that lower the card’s value, such as “hang up” or “maintenance” fees or “pay phone surcharges”?
Are the minutes only good for a single call? Do multiple calls drastically reduce the minutes? Is a higher rate applies if you use the “toll free access” rather than “local access” number?
Can you use the minutes to call a cell phone (Mobile phone)?

Are the rates higher for an international call ( IDD calls form country to country)?
Is a toll-free customer service number provided?
If your prepaid phone card doesn’t work as advertised, you can contact the Better Business Bureau FTC at (877) 382-4657 or online at and the Federal Communications Commission at (888) 225-5322 or online at

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