Phone Cards USA

Phone Cards USA are better ones to make calls to the USA and to call from USA. So when you are buying a phone card whether the card is marked for the USA. Otherwise your calls will be an expensive one or won’t give you clear reception.

Pre Paid USA Phone Cards.

Two kinds of pre-paid phone cards are available in the USA and through the internet.  One is called as disposable one while the other one is called rechargeable one. They can be purchased from any merchant and it will have number of calling minutes according to the money you pay to them. So this one looks like as you had paid for the phone service in advance. The disposable card can be thrown away once you had made the calls.

USA Phone Cards with Pin.

The rechargeable phone cards will allow you to refill the card your call minutes are over. If have any balance in the card it can be added to your new balance. With most of the phone cards you have to dial the toll free number first. Then enter the PIN number to make a call. Phone Cards USA will be connected through computer.  It will tell you how many minutes are available.

Using Phone Cards in USA.

Dial the desired number. Once the call is connected and the computer will show you the balance till you stop or the balance come zero. Depending on the card type you can throw it or can recharge it. If you have phone cards with you, then it is not necessary to carry coins to make calls. This method is good for those people who don’t have a telephone account. This card will be cheaper than the other calling methods. This seems more secure money wise, if you lost it you will loose only the remaining money in that card. You must take care that some of these cards may stop before the full time, that was displayed in the phone cards.


The support calling cards may be slow or in poor quality. Some time the access number may be busy all the time and you won’t make any call at all. Some time the PIN won’t work. Company hot line or contact may not work. They may charge you for more minutes for at connection time. Call rates may higher than they said in the advertisement. Some operators may cancel your account if you don’t use in certain time. If you are going to buy any phone card first check whether the company names and toll free numbers are printed on the card, If the number is not toll free don’t buy it. If you have any trouble, contact the phone card’s company or the public service commission in your state.

USA Phone Cards from AT&T.

1000-Minutes Rechargeable PrePaid Phone Card.
US & International PrePaid Phone Card offers U.S and international calling capability
Additionally it will not expire
No hidden surcharges
Monthly fees not charged.
Rechargeable — additional minutes can be added to card or sign up for AT&T Auto-minutes
AT&T Auto-minutes: Have minutes automatically added to your card when your balance is low. In the meantime to save time and simplify the calling process with these optional features included on your AT&T Pre-Paid Phone Card at no extra charge.

USA Phone Cards with pin less Dialing.

Further more you can make calls without entering the PIN on the back of the card
Even it offers Lost Card Protection: Provides added security by replacing your card minute balance if the card is lost or stolen
Speed-dial: Program up to 10 frequently called domestic numbers so you will have one-touch dialing capability for those numbers

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