Jaffna Calling Cards

Jaffna Calling Cards.
Jaffna Calling Cards
Jaffna calling cards was recently introduced by the Global Tamils Telecom from Norway. This product is best for to make cheap calls to Srilanka through the latest VoIP telephony system. Any one staying in North America, Europe, Middle East region, Far East and Australia can use this with their Windows or Mac Computer, Smartphone or other hand held gadgets to dial the Northern region with low fare which also provides best sound reception on both sides regardless of day or night.
The price is very low when compared with the other VoIP service providers in this region. As a VoIP phone user you must understand that this card is not only suits for Jaffna Town in the northern province of Sri Lanka. It is good for all the Asia region countries and cities.

Jaffna Calling Cards.

What are the benefits of this product?

No expiry date.
24 Hrs customer support.
Pin Less dialing.
Can be purchased online or through postal service.
If you had lost it, you will be given a new account with the remaining balance.
Contacting the Admin you can adjust the calling rate to desired region more cheaper.
Recharging your card is very easy.
Long distance calling or international & domestic U.S calling best rates are available.
Prepaid cards can be given to other people.

In Jaffna there are lot of communication centers are available. The used to be open even in the night time. From here you can make cheap priced calls through their VoIP phones. There used to be a time clock that is visible to you within the phone booth. It will help you to check how many minutes you had carried with that phone call. Also the center can divert the call to your hotel room if you can pre pay some reasonable amount for the phone call as advance.

Source: Hotel Jaffna