International SIM Cards

International SIM Cards are meant for the people who used to travel to many parts of the world in quick time. Those Businessmen, Tourists and Students  who used to travel overseas should take their Smartphone or Tablet with them. And should use any of the available SIM cards to be in connection with their loved ones.This is a best option to cut their phone call charges and data connection fees.

International SIM Cards vs Phonecard.

International SIM Cards are far better than your phonecards as they are always within your Smartphone. Any time you can make calls or can receive phone calls. it is very simple to check your current balance. With the phonecard you will need a public phone to check your balance. Will need a public phone to make your call with your phonecard. Recharging the SIM card is very easy. You will have the list of contacts and easy to call them with just a click.

In a foreign country using your own country SIM cards for calling plans, SMS text messages and for Data plan will be an expensive one.  International SIM card is good option or to have your SIM card that you can purchase in the visiting country.

There are two options to obtain your SIM card.

1. Buy a suitable SIM card in the country where you are visiting. Some country law may require you to provide a copy of your Identity paper like passport along with a photo of yourself.
2 .Buy an international SIM from your home country before you start your travel.This can be purchased through the internet. It can be a Nano, Mini, Standard SIM card or an E-SIM.

SIM Card Sellers.

RebelFone is one of the leading SIM card provider and has introduced country specific SIM cards that can work on GSM networks. Sorry they don’t offer Nano SIM cards so far. Those who want to travel a country just had to order the required country SIM card from them and can place it in their mobile phone and use it with the local number at affordable rate. They not only offer this SIM also they offer to rent you a mobile phone too.

This SIM card rental offers many advantages than from the other mobile phone carriers.
Like all the other roaming SIM cards, Rebelfone’s rental SIM can works with unlocked GSM phones.

The SIM will come with an instruction booklet with the phone number and PIN printed in the front. Once you insert the SIM into a mobile phone and the phone will automatically set itself up with the right APN for data services. Online customer support is available 24/7. The SIM is actually works as a local SIM. So you will have a local phone number and you can start straight dialing.


If you are traveling to any of these countries or many of the countries then it is necessary to rent out the SIM card from them to get more benefit from the mobile phone usage.

Here are the countries that the RebelFone SIM can be used.

USA, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Europe, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel. And  Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, UAE. It comes with Zero Cost option for UK and Vietnam.

If you are visiting Sri Lanka for a short trip, it is better to use one of the Sri Lanka SIM card that are available for sale in the country. Insert this in to your Smartphone and activate it. You can enjoy cheapest call plans and data plans that are available for local people.

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