International Phone cards.

International Phone cards.

International phone cards are sold with scratch-able code or with pin numbers in the USA. When removing the coating, take much care to scratch it slowly and gently to get the paint over the code number. It is originally covered with the mobile phone company’s name or logos. The Newly produced International Phone card will allow you to scratch the coating easily  to view the printed private code. It is one time use code only. Never buy phone cards with the exposed pin numbers as it may be expired one. Some cards come with expiry dates while some cards don’t have any expiration date. Most of these cards are good for calling Philippines, India, Pakistan and Mexico. If you are a frequent traveler, then you must have one of this International phone card with auto top up facility. This card will help you with your phone calls, while you are traveling in foreign lands.

International Phone Cards.

It is better to ask the seller to feed the pin and activate to reload calling minutes to your mobile. These vendors are much experienced people in this trade. If any thing goes wrong they have the permission to get refund for that particular card. Similarly they will give you a new one. This may not true for the cards you purchased online.
In addition some countries phone card sales may be low. Or big denomination cards sales are very low. In addition there are many chances for the phonecard to be stay with the seller for long time. This may cause the cover paint to become and dried. If happened to buy one of these cards, you may scratch the pin number too in this process.

Worn out pin number in International Phone cards.

If you happened to damage the cord slightly, don’t get panicked. Here is the remedy for to recover the code numbers.
Scan the phone card with high resolution and get the out put as digital image. In addition take a photo of the card with your phone. Further more enlarge the image and you can view the damaged number and can guess the missing number. Most of the time this procedure will give you the perfect results to recover the damaged number. If the number is completely damaged then you have to return it to the seller. In conclusion he will contact the original company. Similarly he may give you a new card within one week of time after checking it.


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