IndiaLD Calling Card

IndiaLD Calling Card.

IndiaLD calling card offers to call India from most of the important countries like Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, the USA, and eight more countries with special access numbers. Standard call charge to India is  0.7c/minute. And most importantly there is a partnership deal between the Aircel and IndiaLD. Through the Aircel IndiaLD is offering unlimited calling plans to its customers in USA and Canada to call Aircel mobiles in India. The program allows those who are living in the USA or Canada to sign in for an Aircel connect plan and then you have to add the Aircel mobile number to call.

1. Choose a Monthly Plan or Pay-Per-Call credit
2. Register the numbers you want to call. (up to 20 allowed)
3. Call from your landline or mobile & enjoy IndianLD rates

IndiaLD Calling Card.

IndiaLD offers its popular quarter calls to call India mobile phones with careers like Aircel, Airtel, Reliance, Vodafone, Idea, Tata Docomo, Spice, Virgin, and others. How this offer works?
Buy $5-$30 worth of prepaid calling credit on the Quarter Calls Plan and you can call any mobile in India for just $0.25 per call with no per minute charges. Talk for up to 60 minutes on a call. If you call goes over 60 minutes, you can keep talking but we’ll charge you for a new call that can last for 60 minutes.

Like wise you can make $0.15 Per Call to Canada and United States where both the land lines and cellular phones can be called.

Access Number.

Add their Access Number in your phone address book or to the contact list. Simply dial the number, and at the prompt enter the international number you’d like to connect to. IndiaLD will do the rest.

Also if a call lasts less than 30 seconds, there is no call charge for you from IndiaLD Calling Card .
They will charge you after your call have lasted over 30 seconds. That way you won’t get charged for bad calls or when someone doesn’t have time to talk. Through their online portal you can add numbers, create Auto Dials, view your call history, and add more minutes through the account portal. They’ll give you access as soon as you make your first purchase. Then you can login at any time.


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So this is a good calling card offer for Indian people who want to call their families and friends mobile phones. It is available in the internet and thru the vendors.

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