Damaged Mobile Reload Card

Damaged Mobile Reload Cards are big problem for those people who are in a hurry to add funds to their mobile phone accounts. These Mobile phone top up cards, Wi-Fi Cards and Mobile Data plan re-load cards will not be exchanged for a new one or will not be paid back by the seller. So it is very important to recover those damaged numbers to reload it to your mobile phone account.


Damaged Mobile Reload Card.

All over the world including Sri Lanka there are Aluminum paint covered Reload cards for mobile phones are available for Call minutes  and Data Plan top up purpose. To reload or Top up first, switch on your mobile phone. Slowly remove the thin layer of the Aluminum paint that is covering the secret code. Now you can view the secret code number there. Follow the instruction on the card by using your SMS facility to top up your call or Data plan or both of them, if the card allows it. When you scratch to find the number part of the purchased card or Mobile Data card it can be  become partially damaged. So let’s see what we can do?

Here is the solution.

Here are some tips to over come this damaged re-load card problem.
Method One:
Scan the number side in a scanner connected to PC and get a large image of it (Resolution 600 dpi).
See the scanned image. You can find all the numbers even if they partially damaged. Use these numbers to Recharge or to top up.
Method Two: Place the damaged card in a place where good light is available. Then take a photo of it with your phone. Enlarge this photo and see those numbers clearly.

With these ways, you can view the scanned copy or the photo to view the damaged number clearly.
This will help you to find out the damaged numbers easily and to load the amount in to your mobile phone.
Buy cards from vendors who have good sales. the one who got less sales may provide you old cards that are with dried up paint layer. Surely this will end up in damaged card when you scratch it.

There are 7 ways to Reload or Recharge your Mobile Phones in Sri Lanka.

1. Can recharge through the online reload websites.
2. Pay in the phone shop along with the phone number, required amount and ask for to recharge.
3. Top-up through a vending machine, in any of the phone shop.
4. Reload through a multipurpose vendor machine located in public places.
5. Buy a recharge card and follow the instruction.
6. Go to any Super Market and Reload the phone by paying to the cashier.
7. Install your carrier’s App in your Smartphone and follow its instructions to recharge your mobile account.

Agent shop and the supermarket cashier can give you the balance, if you provide a large denomination bank note on purchase.
The online reload and the multipurpose vendor machine will not provide balance for the payment.
Mobile phone recharge to calling account if the money is in round figure. (Rs 50, 100, 300 and so on)
If the recharge amount finish with “9” then it will be added to your Mobile Data Plan. (Rs 49, 99, 149 and so on)

Damaged Mobile Reload Card.

Don’t keep the unused recharge card in a hot places like in a car dashboard or any other hot place.
Never keep the card for months in your purse or in any other places.
Heat will make the paint coating over the secret numbers to be hard to remove.
So whenever you scratch the card it won’t be removed easily.
It will be seen as pasted on it.
So carefully scratch the card.

Tourist visiting Sri Lanka, how to Top Up Mobile Phone account?

Go to any of the communication center and make the mobile phone reload rather than other methods.
Is there any Re-Load machines available in Sri Lanka?
Yes. There are reload machines fitted in the shops and public places.

First input the “0” (Zero)  followed by your mobile phone number.
Then in put the amount you want to get reload.
Pay the money to the shop keeper.
After getting the money he will activate it and you will get the re-load message instantly.
Also you can get the computerized payment bill too from him.
There is no need to pay in US Dollar or in Euro for to get mobile phone reload.

How to reload, recharge or Top up your Cell phone with top up card?

To reload Dialog mobile phone account in Sri Lanka, take the following steps. (including Tourist Pack)
Dialog Recharge *#123#card Number#
Or call 123 and after the peep sound enter your card number.
Dialog Balance checking: Dial #456#

How to Reload (Including Tourist Pack) Mobitel mobile account in Sri Lanka?
Recharge: *102*card Number#
Or SMS PIN to 141
Mobitel.lk Balance Checking: *100# 141

Which Sri Lanka Carriers offer mobile phone reload through scratch cards?
Airtel, Dialog, Hutch and Mobitel offer these cards with different cash value.
Minimum recharge card value in  Sri Lanka is Rs 20/-

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