Credit Card From Singer

Credit Card from Singer. Singer now offers Credit Card to its Sri Lanka Customers. Recently it has launched its branded credit card through Singer Finance, with VISA international under the hire purchase program to Sri Lanka. This Singer-VISA card will help their customers to purchase products with ease. Now application forms are available at any one of the 435 Singer and Singer Finance Branches across Sri Lanka.


Credit Card Singer.

This Singer card is good to be used at merchants who accept cards across Sri Lanka. The card holders can withdraw cash from ATM machines that are connected with the VISA network. Also it allows users to use it worldwide over 14.0 million merchants, as well as to withdraw cash from more than 2 million ATMs in more than 200 counties.

April and December are the months that are popular for shopping and discounted sales all over the island. So this card will help the customer’s shopping spree during this season. Most of the cards provide installment for the purchase with 0% interest.

Additionally most people in Sri Lanka prefer to own cards from their banks as it is easy for them to pay the credit balance through their bank account.

Further more these cards are coming with lot of security features and many safety features. They may look like a pre paid phone card but it is actually an encrypted card. Always put your signature in the back of the card to protect it. Request the card provider to enable the SMS sending facility to you, whenever there is a transaction made with your card. So will be alerted, if there is any transaction happened without your knowledge. If you had lost your personal credit card, quickly inform the incident to your card provider. Also make a complaint to the nearest police station about your lost card and its details.


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