Cheap Phone Cards

Cheap Phone Cards are now available as virtual and physical ones. They are prepaid ones where some of them allow you to top up your account through online websites. Some phonecards are with expiry dates while some of them don’t have expiry dates and this one can be used for long time. These cards will come with access number and PIN numbers. Whenever you enter the pin number a recorded voice will tell you the remaining balance in your card. The access number is to start the calling by dialing it.

A Pay Phone – payphone is one of the coin operated public phone located in most parts of the USA and Europe.It can be operated through billing of a credit or debit card, or a telephone card (Pay Phone Card).

Popular Phonecard in the USA.

  1. International $25 Gold Calling Card will give you 625 Minutes to USA. Your PIN number will come through the provided email.- emailed PIN
  2. Zuzume Prepaid Phone Calling Card good for International and Domestic calls.
  3. AT&T Prepaid calling Card Price: US$ 20. Good for International and USA calling. no Expiration Date.

While using the phone cards through the telephone booths allows you to be charged only once when you buy such a card in any part of the USA. Once it has drained all its value you can throw it away or can reload it for to make more calls in the future. These cards can be bought online through web sites as virtual calling cards or from the nearest phone card kiosk as a plastic coated card.

They can be ordered for US$ 10, 20 and 50 ranges. Some of them will start to count the expiry date, once you had started to dial through it, till the expiry date it will stay as a usable one, if it has money in the account. This card will remain valid for long time if you didn’t make any call. While phone cards won’t expire as you can keep it with you till you finish with the available money in the card.
Popular phone card sellers in USA are AT&T, Walmart, eBay and Verizon where you can buy their cards online.

Sri Lanka Phonecards.

Sri Lanka companies offer rechargeable phone cards through their retailers. Also you can buy these rechargeable cards at low price by paying with your credit card through the internet websites. If you are a regular caller, try with different cards that offer different minutes and keep record of their performance in a place to compare them. This will help you to find out the cheaper priced one for to get more value for your money. You can ask your friends too about the service which they are using to call their homes economically. These cards are available in Dollar/Euro amounts to buy or by number of minutes which they say you can talk. While you are traveling using these kinds of packages are the best as you had paid for it in advance as prepaid phonecard, so there will be no more bills waiting you.

These cards are very popular among business people, students and tourists. People who used to call frequently overseas and those who haven’t selected a long-distance service plan prefer these types of services.

Does this pre-paid phone cards will give benefit for the users?
Yes, it is not necessary to carry coins when you have this calling card.
You don’t need to own a phone to make dialing. You can just dial from any public phone with this card.
They are cheaper when compared to the collect call or IDD (International Direct Dialing).
If you had lost the pre-paid card you will loose only the remaining money value.
Normally the pre paid card doesn’t charge any money for the first minute when you start to use it.

Cheap Phone Cards – Expected errors.

There are chances for you to listening cross talks when you make calls.
Your voice may echo back to you in hot climate season.
Computer problem can make voices not to be heard during calls.
So it may work from only one side. In this condition stop the conversation and redial the desired IDD number.

Cheap Phone Cards In Sri Lanka.

SLT (Sri Lanka Telecom) Offers. Globelink Gold call card
Passport Prepaid Card
Sri Lanka Denominations.
Validity Period (It will start from the time you make your first call.)

Rs 100.00 – 01 Month
Rupees 200.00 – 02 Month
Rs 500.00 – 04 Month
Rupees 1,000.00 – 06 Month

Dialog telecom Offers Dialog Global Calling Card
Validity 90 days after the first usage.
Rupees – 250/-
Rs. – 500/-
Rupees – 1000/-
Rs. – 3000/-

Popular phone card sellers in Sri Lanka are as follows.

SriLanka Telecom (SLTMobitel)


USA Cards,