Call from South Korea

Call from South Korea to Sri Lanka and other countries give more talk time if you use IM messenger or land line. If you call on Sundays or on a Korean holiday you will get more benefits on your calls. Use International phone cards that can be bought from nearby small shops and through online websites. These calling cards will allow you to use it from any public phone booth. The phone cards are available for purchase only through payment of local currency named as Won.

It is very expensive to take your mobile phone to South Korea to call your home through the roaming.
It is better to call in the night time as there will be no disturbing noises that may occurs due to sunlight.

Call South Korea

To Call Sri Lanka from South Korea follow the instruction given in the phone card. Sri Lanka country code for mobile phone and land lines are 0094 or +94, and then dial the city code and the phone number. If you are calling a mobile then dial 0094 and then dial the mobile number without the 0.


To make calls to S. Korea from here you will have to dial 0082 first and then followed by the city code and the subscriber’s number.

Exit Code according to Korean Carriers.

001 (KT),
002 (LG U+),
007 (Onse Telecom),
005 (SK Broadband),
006 (SK Telink).

All phone cards purchased in South Korea have validity period once they had been used to make a call.
These phonecards can’t be returned for refund.

If you are using a Smartphone, then you can install the Skype, Viber or Google talk Apps in it. You can use any of them to provide you cheap calls to any destination in the world. If the receiver also has a Smartphone or any hand held device then ask them to be a member in any one of this program. After that both you can make free calls through the free Wi-Fi zones and the calls can long last as you want.

Even the Apps will allow you to make video calls too for free. If you are using the data plan from the carrier, then their will be a small charge applied to your bill for your data usage. If you are interested in buying a Smartphone in S. Korea better to go for any of the Samsung phones as they are top phone producers and their prices are lower than in Sri Lanka.

Also in S.Korea there are plenty of net cafes available for you to use computers on hourly basis. From here too you can make calls through the IM programs for free or less price per minute. In the night these net cafe’s used to be noisy as internet game players used to be there in large number and they and their games used to make loud noises. At these times are not suitable to dial your home from there.

Pre-paid SIM providers in S.Korea are SK Telecom and KT. They are good for data plan too.

HTC Mobile phone.