Blue Moon Diamond

Blue Moon Diamond

Blue Moon Diamond is one of the popular Diamond in the worldwide precious stone collection.
Moreover, this large Blue Moon Diamond fetched US $48.4 million in the auction.

In addition property tycoon Hong Kong-based J.L had paid US$48.4 million for to buy 12.03-carat diamond dubbed  as “Blue Moon” for his seven-year-old daughter in an auction held in Geneva and renamed it as “The Blue Moon of Josephine” with hi daughter’s name. This Blue diamond was mined in South Africa.  And this is the largest cushion-shaped blue stone. Earlier he bought one more stone a rare pink diamond weighing 16.08-carat from another auction house Christie’s for US$28.5 million and renamed it as “Sweet Josephine”. In the year 2009, he bought a blue diamond stone for $9.5 million and renamed the diamond as “Star of Josephine”. The interesting thing is that he had done the bidding through the telephone call with the Auction house.

About Blue Moon Diamond.

” Further more, the Blue Moon diamond drew widespread media attention when the discovery of the 29.62 ct rough (figure 1, left) at the Cullinan mine in South Africa. This announcement came in January 2014. This mine, formerly known as the Premier, is also the source of the historic Cullinan diamond. Along  two other blue diamonds: the Smithsonian Institution’s Blue Heart, a 30.62 ct Fancy Deep blue gem discovered in 1908. And the 27.64 ct Fancy Vivid blue Heart of Eternity, unveiled by Steinmetz in 2000.

In addition it’s publicity increased when it was purchased by Cora International LLC for $25.6 million. Setting a record price per carat for a rough stone (Bronstein, 2014). In addition on June 2014, the diamond was cut into a 12.03 ct cushion. And was graded by GIA as Fancy Vivid blue and Internally Flawless (figure 1, right). Further more Cora International named it the Blue Moon diamond as a tribute to its rarity. Blue Moon made its first public appearance at the Natural History Museum. In Los Angeles County (NHMLAC) on September 13, 2014. That is for a temporary exhibit running through January 6, 2015.”

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World’s largest star sapphire cluster found in backyard of Sri Lanka.

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Smartphone Battery Management

Smartphone Battery

Smartphone Battery Management.

All the latest Smartphones used to come with the Battery management facility.
Users must read their instructions carefully to understand the content. Also they provide guide in the form of App.
They display your battery level.
When need to charge they give you warning.
When charging, they display charging status and how is charged in percentage.
Once it is fully charged it will display 100% power symbol.

So if the phone’s battery management system is not up to your imagination download any of the Battery management App. When you want to make an urgent call then you may listen that your Smartphone is going to give up you as there is not enough battery power. This frequently happens to travelers and students who used to have plenty of Apps running in their phone.

Similarly to avoid such a bad situation you can get this battery manager named as Battery Dr. This product is available as free App in almost all the mobile operating system including Android, iPhone and iPad. This will guide you to manage your battery power to stay longer by switching off unwanted updating, file transfer and so many other things. So we recommend you to try this to see whether you can get longer battery life. They provide dozens of power-saving and maintenance tips. Life-span of battery can be extended a lot if it is properly maintained.

Samsung Battery Maintenance.

Moreover, Go to Setting > Device Management > Battery.
There Select Mid  or Max
Selecting Max will turn your Smartphone to dark mode and will give you battery power for 3 Days.

Smartphone Battery.

Read here what the designers of this product says.

“The must-have battery saving app Battery Doctor has just released V3.1 with major feature update “One-tap power saving” along with other exciting functions. Battery Doctor, an easy battery saver to extend your battery life for free. How often does your phone get charged? Is your android device always running out of power? Do you need an app that can help maintain your battery? Please try our power manager utility that are trusted by 30 million users, this should be your solution.

What can our battery utility do?

With One-tap power saving, battery doctor can offer customized power-saving suggestions according to your battery juice consumption. In other words it can also give you an estimate time of usage with the current battery level you have. Moreover it would also let you know the different power usage for different activities you do on your Android device.

Main Features.

1. One-tap Smartphone Battery power saving
Optimize battery with simple one click!
2. Predict Smartphone Battery Power Availability
Display the power of free time (accurate to minute) depending on the device.
3. Fully Recharging
When the battery power is below 20%, run Battery Doctor and plug in the charger, it can then help maintain your android device automatically during charging.
4. Adjust Settings Automatically
You can turn on/off WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, data or other battery draining components with a simple click to maximum the power duration. There is also a switch widget which makes the adjust easier.
5. In addition, power-saving tips

6. Further more it is completely Free. There is no need to buy any other paid battery saver app.
7. Full charging logs. In addition all charging activities will be logged for your reference.
8. Task Killer Shortcut. In other words a task killer comes with new battery doctor with which you can kill the battery hog apps.
9. Power Consumption. There for Easily find out which app consumes your power most.
10. Additionally Whitelist .In addition, whitelist the apps which you would like to keep during the battery optimization.
11. In Addition, Custom Mode. Furthermore  3 pre-made saving modes along with schedule feature, you can also custom your own saving mode.”


Jego VoIP App from China Mobile

jego voip App

Jego VoIP App from China Mobile.

Jego VoIP is now online. With out much fanfare China Mobile has released a VoIP App with the name Jego and it is a real challenger to the popular Skype. The Jego App can work with  iOS platform and Android platform. At the moment it seems to offer cheap call rate to China and Hong Kong (US$0.022/minute and US$ 0.023/minute). The App allows you to make cheap calls to mobile phones and landlines from the App.
Also it provides unlimited calling facility to China US$15.99 a month mean while Hong Kong is US$11.79 per month for unlimited calls.

Jego VoIP App from China.

in the meantime, this App don’t allow local Chinese people to call local numbers if they are residents of China. It is according to the Chinese Government policy. But they are allowed to use Jego VoIP App to Jego VoIP App offers free unlimited calls and messaging. Take note that this product is targeting the International handheld device users. Already foreign students studying in China are using this App to communicate with their families who are living overseas.

The other futures coming from this new App are same like the Skype, see this offers free text messaging, push-to-talk voice messages, image sharing, HD video calling, and file sharing. You can forward all your calls to Jego and save your roaming cost Let’s watch whether China Mobile’s Jego App will become as a real challenger to the Skype or not in the long run. For us low price is nothing for the people from this App. What the internet users are looking for is perfect service with more futures better than the Skype to survive in this competitive world of VoIP calls.
Jego the latest communication App developed by China Mobile International offers you USD2.00 calling credits to make test calls. Get it for Android.

Jego in iTunes.
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone.

jegoCMI Facebook Page.

USA Pay phones

USA Pay phones

USA Pay phones (Public Phones) once numbered 200,000 is now shrinking in numbers. Although its usage is not going down rapidly. The pay phones are very popular with the tourists and the immigrant farm workers who want to contact with their home in their home country. The main reason for the decline in the Pay phones are the rapidly going down due to cheap mobile phones and decline in their phone call rate for the international calls. Although for many people that the Pay phone is cheaper to make international phone calls.


On the other hand the managers of the USA Pay phone are planning to dismantle these phones if they are not making at least 100 calls per month in any place. Because the costs related to the phone line, equipment, and maintenance are too much to keep it in the ground.

USA Pay phones Future.

Local governments understand the need of them during the emergencies. So they may put them in public places like stadiums, schools, or hospitals. For example  when natural disaster stuck the country wireless towers went down or networks are jammed and people struggled to communicate and that time these USA Pay phones provided them assistance to make calls.

New York understands the need and are planning to upgrade their remaining 7,000  pay phones with free Wi-Fi.  Companies are interested with the plan and are ready to share collection and the advertising fee with the City authorities.

Countries like Japan, South Korea and European nations are still maintaining their pay phone system at their best. In these countries people heavily depends on their Smartphones. If their battery goes down then what they can do while they are on the move. To solve these kinds of problems, more  countries are maintaining pay phone system around Air ports, Bus terminals and Railway stations.

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Jaguar XF

Jaguar XF

Jaguar XF Sedan Mid-Size Luxury Sedan a diesel powered car. It  is now available in India after meeting the BS-VI Norms. This Diesel model is now comes with many modification. This is The most advanced, efficient and refined sports saloon that Jaguar has ever produced. Actually Jaguar was a British car manufacturer. It was founded in the year 1922. Currently it is now a division of Jaguar Land Rover. It is being owned by India’s Tata Motors. The company had purchased it from Ford company in the year 2008.

This Jaguar XF Sedan gets some revised styling to go with new updates. It is provided with new wider front grille along with new mesh design. Furthermore its bumpers are larger and arranged for lower air intakes. Slim LED headlamps along with Jaguar ‘Leaper’ emblem. Rear sector, got a wider bumper. It is fitted with a body colored upper section with the R-Dynamic package. The Jaguar XF comes with great standard features with better values in its class. This Jaguar XF is a 5 seater vehicle that is available in 3 trims. This SE Sedan RWD is one of the best styled one. It comes with a 2.0L I4 Turbo engine along with Rear Wheel Drive. This XF can deliver 25 MPG in city limit and 33 MPG on the highways.

Price in India: Rs 71,00,000+
USA Price: US$ 47,000 – $ 52,700

Jaguar XF Features.

In addition, Wheels and Options: 45.72 cm (18) alloy wheels
INTERIOR FEATURES: 10 color Configurable Ambient Interior Lighting
Metal treadplates with R-Dynamic branding
Moreover, Seating and Interior Trim: 12-way electric driver memory front seats with 2-way manual headrests and Duo Leather seats.

Jaguar XF for the Driver’s Assistance: 3D Surround Camera
Front and Rear Parking Aid
Cruise Control and Speed Limiter
Five Star Euro NCAP rating

Above all, Top speed: 235 km/h
In addition, 0-100 km/h pickup: 7.6 Sec
For instance, Maximum Power Output: 204 Ps
Further more, Maximum Torque: 430 Nm

Yamaha Supersport Motorcycle.