Vodacom no traceable person, NO SIM card.

Vodacom no traceable person, no SIM card.

South Africa’s Vodacom has decided to keep all the SIM cards should be available to traceable persons only. Around one million SIM cards were de-activated by the company.  So far these SIM cards are not yet activated by the users personally. Most of them belong to a single person and some of them to particular companies. This procedure is to prevent criminals using SIM cards. SIM cards will de-register, if not had been activated by the owner within 30 days.

In Sri Lanka and India too local Governments are not allowing SIM cards  to be in operation in mobile phones If they don;t have proper Identification of the owner. Also those phones which don’t have IMEI number too can’t be used in these countries.

From Vodacom office.

Vodacom chief officer said this is to prevent criminal and fraudulent activities by criminals from contacting others without their identity. As per South Africa cell phone regulatory rules it’s illegal to buy SIM and connect to network without required documentation. It will be the proof of residence and identity document.

In addition the RICA registration is free. Although some street vendors are charging to R5 – R10 to RICA the customers unregistered SIM cards.

In Sri Lanka people have to produce NIC to obtain Sim Card to use in use there. Also the client  must use a phone with IMEI number. Foreigners visiting Sri Lanka must provide their passport to obtain a limited time valid SIM card in Sri Lanka.
In India people need to provide “Athar” card and must be present at the Mobile carrier to obtain SIM card. When a visiting India wants a New Mobile SIM card then he must provide his photo, valid passport with valid visa. And the SIM card will be active till her/his expires if he regularly re-charge the mobile phone account. Recently Airtel and Vodafone had increased their standard package from INR 169/- to INR 219/-where the validity period is 28 days of time.

Why Governments force to SIM registration?

Further more most Governments want to issue SIM cards for the people who have registered their true details with the mobile phone carriers. This is because if the person engage in fraudulent activities or breaking the country’s law then he can be caught easily. For this they expect the party to provide passport copy, National Identity or other proof with their photo and residence address.

Further more some people used to make threatening calls to others. In other words people used to send nonsense SMS to unknown people. Spouses used to threat their separated wife’s through unregistered SIM phone numbers. Plenty of bad things used to happen through these fake people. To avoid theses Governments want to register all the SIM cards with the mobile phone carrier.