Sri Lanka Ready For 5G Technology

Sri Lanka ready for 5G Technology. The 5G is now being tested in Sri Lanka by Dialog.
Recently Dialog Axiata of Sri Lanka made a 5G technology capability test with its techno partners Ericsson and Huawei in the capital Colombo. 5G comes with increase download speed such as 10 gigabits per second. A HD Movie will take 3 – 5 seconds only to download it to your device.

What the 5G Technology can do?
Remote surgery.
Touchy-feely internet.
Self-driving cars.
Virtual reality.

If every thing goes in favor of them then they can deliver throughput in excess of 35 Gbps on the 5G Radio (Air) Interface. This will be solid start for the future evolution of the nation’s broadband connectivity to a technology generation to go hand in hand with the South Asia,

Sri Lanka ready for 5G Technology and it is now on testing.

Dialog Axiata of Sri Lanka is the leading mobile phone service provider, and are the first to conduct the demonstration of this latest mobile Technology in Sri Lanka.

This 5G connectivity will offer ultra low latency and it can support robotics, remote surgery, autonomous transport and top notch entertainment .

Already Dialog Broadband had been commercially launched its 4.5G technology for its customers which provides download speeds in excess of 1Gbps. While it covers nearly all parts of Sri Lanka with 4G-LTE services and 3G connectivity.

Bad news About the 5G Technology.

Users will need 5G enabled devices.
Devices may become hot due to fast connectivity and may good cooling facility.
Customers have to get new SIM card for this high speed connection.
Need to pay lot of money for the connection and its router type set up in home and Offices.
Vulnerable for lightning attacks.
2G and 3G may lost as already Singapore had closed the 2G connectivity service.
3rd world countries may lack to come forward as the total implementation may a costly one for them.

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