Sri Lanka Now.

Sri Lanka Now.

The current lock down placed on 20th August was relaxed completely on 01 October 2021 04:00am. But the restrictions to travel between districts are expected to be removed on 21st October.  Meanwhile milk powder price and cooking gas price and cement prices are increased by the companies. On the other hand the control price of the rice is lifted and the rice mill ownwers are deciding on the current price of the rice they are selling.

GCE A/L and Grade 5 Scholarship Examinations.

Accepting applications for the G.C.E. Advanced Level and Grade 5 scholarship examinations has been extended till 15th September 15 2021, as per the Sri Lanka Examinations Department. A/L Examination will be held from 15th November 2021 till 10th December 2021 and the Grade 5 Scholarship Examination will be held on 14th November 2021.

COVID-19 vaccination for Foreign workers.

Sri Lankan Foreign Employment Bureau (SLBFE) website is now open to pre-register migrant workers for to get COVID-19 vaccination. Those who who want to go abroad to take jobs (employment overseas) need to register for to get vaccination through the SLBFE Website and obtain a reference number.
Official Website of SLBFE

Sri Lanka Mobile Units for COVID-19 vaccination is provided by the Sri Lanka Government. Call 1906 and ask for their service to vaccinate elders staying in homes. The line may be busy but be patient and dial continuously till you are connected to the registration desk.

Lufgas prices are increased.
12.5Kg price: 1856/-
5Kg Price Rs 746/-

Get your vaccine.

Online vaccination portal
is now open to schedule appointments for those who are
above 20 years in the Western Province.

Island wide Vaccination Center’s List Here.

First dose of Sinopharm vaccine Colombo District.
Viharamahadevi Park
Army Hospital, Narahenpita (AH-CBO)
Sugathadasa Outdoor Stadium
Mobile Medical Team (Colombo South)

First dose of AstraZeneca vaccine Colombo District.
Army Hospital-Narahenpitiya
Mobile Medical Team (Colombo South)

Second dose of AstraZeneca vaccine Colombo District
Viharamahadevi Park
Army Hospital-Narahenpitiya Colombo
Mobile Medical Team (Colombo South)

Mobile COVID-19 vaccine service.
Register with the National Operation Center for Prevention of Outbreak (NOCPCO).
Hotline 1906 or
Telephone number 0112-860 002.

Sri Lanka has relaxed the travel restrictions on recently. Weddings functions can take place with 150 guests. Temples, Mosques and Churches like religious places are opened for the general public. Meanwhile Inter District traveling will not be allowed. Sri Lanka is slowly coming back to normal. From 2nd August all the Government staff are coming back to their offices. It means all the offices are back in normal. Now people are waiting for the schools to reopen. In the meantime Japan had donated 720,000 Astra Zeneca vaccinations and it is being used as second dose for around 700,000 people in the Western Province.

Travel Ban.

So far the ban on travel between Districts is still on. So people can move inside their districts only and if want to move out then there is necessary to get permission from the relevant authorities. As per latest news, Mr Basil Rajapakse became as a member of parliament and he became as a cabinet minister too. In the meantime  Sinopharm vaccination is being given to people all over the island successfully. Those who want to visit Sri Lanka if had two shots of vaccinations and after passing 14 days can directly come in to the country according to the Government News. As of today nearly 50,000 people are arrested for violating quarantine regulations. Mainly for not wearing face masks and not maintaining social distance in public places.

Local New Year.

Above all after the Sinhalese and Tamil New Year season lot of COVID-19 infected persons were found in Sri Lanka. In addition daily finding was numbered around 1,000 infected people. Additionally  now there is no Inter provincial travel restriction is imposed by the Government. In other words there was  a full lock down from 14th to 17th in this month May was placed. There after till 31st people were asked to go out only one from a family for their shopping according to their last digit of NIC Number. People going for work are allowed to do their routine while Night 11:00 PM till 04:00 AM there will be travel restrictions will apply till 31st of May 2021.

Rapid Antigen Tests.

Similarly Colombo Municipal Health Department is making arrangements to vaccinate all the people over 60 years within short period against the COVID-19 Virus. Meanwhile Sri Lanka Government is to amend the quarantine rules for its citizen who are returning from overseas. In addition there are two options for them like those Sri Lankan’s heading home can either avail the government led free quarantine facility.  more over they can opt for paid quarantine at a hotel when they arrive. Now it is expected to turn in to home quarantine for them.

Meanwhile a program‘Park & Ride’ system will take place from Makumbura Multi-Modal Transport Center (MTC) in Kottawa. In addition the program is to be scheduled from January 1,2021. So office staff can park their vehicles here and can travel on special buses with WI-FI and other facilities to their office. Further more on return they can pick up their vehicle and the process is expected to reduce the amount of traffic towards Colombo.

Further more, the official election results is now available here.
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