Sri Lanka Now.

Sri Lanka Now.

Sri Lanka is Trying to control the Spreading of the Corona Virus.

Sri Lanka has relaxed the travel restrictions on 21st 04:00 am. Although public gathering, weddings like functions and Inter District traveling will not be allowed. There is long ques at the liquor shops, pawning shops, Barber shops, Phone repair shops and at the mobile phone service providers offices.  Later on 23rd June 2021 at 22:00pm it will be imposed once again. After the “Posan” festival on 25th June 2021 04:00 am the restrictions will be relaxed. Please refer to the Defense Department’s announcement on this matter. In the mean time nearly 50 are dying daily due to COVID-19 infection according to Sri Lanka Health Department

A new travel restriction dates had been announced by the Sri Lanka Government. According to it a full time stay at home will start on 11:00 pm on 21/05/2021 Friday and it will be relaxed on 04:00 am on 21st June 2021 and it may be extended if it is necessary. So far different color stickers are provided to vehicles that are used for essential services. So far the daily Corona infection contacted peoples number still stays in the 3,000 range. On the other hand Government is providing Sinopharm injection to large number of people in all the areas through the Sri Lanka MOH.
Mean while Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene prices are increased by the Government yesterday. Administrating Second Dose of Sinopharm injection is going ahead in many parts of Sri Lanka.

Currently after the Sinhalese and Tamil New Year season lot of COVID-19 infected persons were found in Sri Lanka. Daily finding was numbered around 1,000 infected people. So now there is now Inter provincial travel restriction is imposed by the Government. There was  a full lock down from 14th to 17th in this month May was placed. There after till 31st people were asked to go out only one from a family for their shopping according to their last digit of NIC Number. People going for work are allowed to do their routine while Night 11:00 PM till 04:00 AM there will be travel restrictions will apply till 31st of May 2021.

Rapid Antigen Tests.
Colombo Municipal Health Department is making arrangements to vaccinate all the people over 60 years within short period against the COVID-19 Virus. Meanwhile Sri Lanka Government is to amend the quarantine rules for its citizen who are returning from overseas. Currently there are two options for them like Those Sri Lankan’s heading home can either avail the government led free quarantine facility or they can opt for paid quarantine at a hotel when they arrive. Now it is expected to turn in to home quarantine for them.

Meanwhile a program‘Park & Ride’ system will take place from Makumbura Multi-Modal Transport Center (MTC) in Kottawa. The program is to be scheduled from January 1,2021. So office staff can park their vehicles here and can travel on special buses with WI-FI and other facilities to their office. And on return they can pick up their vehicle and the process is expected to reduce the amount of traffic towards Colombo.

Canned Fish Price Slashed. 3:29 PM 10/14/2020

For instance, Sri Lanka Government which is focusing on 20th Amendment also had looked in to the hardship of the people. Additionally they had lifted import tax on dhal, canned fish, Big Onions and sugar with effect from midnight yesterday. In addition a tin of large canned fish can be bought for Rs.200/-, mean while a kilogram of big onion is priced at Rs.100/-. One kilogram of sugar had been priced at Rs.85/-. And the consumers whoever purchase other essential items for over Rs.500 from a Sathosa can buy a kilogram of dhal for Rs.150/-. Also people are offered coconuts at reasonable price from Sathosa outlets. Supply of coconuts in the Colombo District were carried out by the Coconut Development Authority.

Sworn in Ceremony LIVE

  • Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa, Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna’s (SLPP) leader, will sworn in as Prime Minister of the Ninth Parliament on August 9, 2020 at the Kelaniya Raja Maha Viharea.
  • President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, today announced the names of 28 ministries and 40 state ministries of his new government.

Final Results.

Party  Votes          Percentage  Seats  National Seats Total

SLPP   6,853,690        59.09%            128                  17           145

SJB      2,771,980        23.90%            47                    07            54

JJB      445,954           3.84%              02                    01             03

ITAK 327,168             2.82%              09                    01              10

AITC   67,766             0.58%              01                    00              01

EPDP  61,464             0.53%              02                    00              01

TMVP 67,692             0.58%              01                    00              01

UNP    249,435           2.15%              00                    01              01

General election was held on 05th August 2020. Further more there are 196 MPs will be selected through the ballots. However nearly 7,452 candidates are standing under party symbols and as Independent group candidates. Further 29 MPs will be provided under the National List depending on the party or group’s received votes.

Note: 2020 General Election was opened on the morning of 5th August for voting and was concluded in the same day evening. In addition, in this 9th Parliament Election nearly 71% of the voters did voted their votes. The election was a peaceful one except for small incidents. Read more.

Sri Lanka Election Results 2020.

Further more Ballot boxes were opened in the morning of 06th August 2020. And the results were released in the evening on the same day. Further more total results and preferential votes counting were released on 7th August Evening 2020. In addition the Election Commissioner only will have the authority to announce the confirmed election results.

In conclusion, TV Stations, Radio Stations will broadcast special programs to announce the results LIVE. Mean while Newspaper websites will update their pages with Election Results and Breaking News reports. In the TV’s there used to be Announcers will provide Special analyzing of the current and previous election results.

TV Stations That will Telecast Election Results.

Rupavahini (With Channel Eye, Nethra TV, and NTV)
TV Derana
Hiru TV
Vasantham TV
Channel One MTV,
Shakthi TV,
Sirasa TV

More on Radio and TV.

Additionally, popular Radio Stations that used to announce the election results as breaking News.
Derana FM, Hiru FM and Sooriyan FM. Mean while, people used to register for SMS breaking News programs to find the election results through their mobile phones and Smartphones. More over, a service charge will apply for these kind of services. On the other hand party websites and social media too used to announce the election results in Sri Lanka.

In Addition, International media publishers like BBC, CNN, Sun TV and Aljaseera used to cover the Sri Lanka General election and used to publish the election results as soon as possible.

Further more, the official election results is now available here.
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