Sri Lanka Election Results

Sri Lanka Election Results 2020 for the Parliament.

Sworn in Ceremony LIVE

  • Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa, Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna’s (SLPP) leader, will sworn in as Prime Minister of the Ninth Parliament on August 9, 2020 at the Kelaniya Raja Maha Viharea.
  • President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, today announced the names of 28 ministries and 40 state ministries of his new government.

Final Results.

Party  Votes          Percentage  Seats  National Seats Total

SLPP   6,853,690        59.09%            128                  17           145

SJB      2,771,980        23.90%            47                    07            54

JJB      445,954           3.84%              02                    01             03

ITAK 327,168             2.82%              09                    01              10

AITC   67,766             0.58%              01                    00              01

EPDP  61,464             0.53%              02                    00              01

TMVP 67,692             0.58%              01                    00              01

UNP    249,435           2.15%              00                    01              01

General election will be held on 05th August 2020. Further more there are 196 MPs will be selected through the ballots. Nearly 7,452 candidates are standing under party symbols and as Independent group candidates. Further 29 MPs will be provided under the National List depending on the party or group’s received votes.

Note: 2020 General Election was opened on the morning of 5th August for voting and was concluded in the same day evening. In addition, in this 9th Parliament Election nearly 71% of the voters did voted their votes. The election was a peaceful one except for small incidents. Read more.

Sri Lanka Election Results 2020.

Ballot boxes will be opened in the morning on 06th August 2020 and the results are expected in the evening on the same day. Full results and preferential votes counting results will be released by 7th August Evening 2020. Only the Election Commissioner have the authorities to announce the confirmed election results.

In conclusion, TV Stations, Radio Stations will broadcast special programs to announce the results LIVE. Mean while Newspaper websites will update their pages with Election Results and Breaking News reports. In the TV’s there used to be Announcers will provide Special analyzing of the current and previous election results.

TV Stations That will Telecast Election Results.

Rupavahini (With Channel Eye, Nethra TV, and NTV)
TV Derana
Hiru TV
Vasantham TV
Channel One MTV,
Shakthi TV,
Sirasa TV)

Additionally, popular Radio Stations that used to announce the election results as breaking News.
Derana FM, Hiru FM and Sooriyan FM. Likewise foreign stations too are expected to do reporting of Headline News.

Mean while, people used to register for SMS breaking News programs to find the election results through their mobile phones and Smartphones. More over, a service charge will apply for these kind of services. On the other hand party websites and social media too used to announce the election results in Sri Lanka.

In Addition, International media publishers like BBC, CNN, Sun TV and Aljaseera used to cover the Sri Lanka General election and used to publish the election results as soon as possible.

Further more, the official election results is now available here.
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