QR Code Fuel Pass

QR code fuel pass is helping to provide fuel for the people in a perfect method.
As of today there is Queue to get petrol at the Colombo petrol sheds.
Those who went for fuel for the second time were chased away after staff scan their QR cord. In addition, they were told that they had obtained their quota already.  Around 6.01 million registered  vehicle owners had registered online to get their weekly fuel quota through this QR Code fuel pass. moreover, registered Motorcycles and Scooters are around 3,500,000 and 3 Wheel around 1,000,000 and the cars are around 709,000 in the list.

In the meantime Sri Lanka Government is now planning to remove the QR code  very soon.


Notice: The QR Code Fuel Pass registration will not be available for next 48 hours. Registered people can access the website as normal.

Sri Lanka is struggling with its low foreign reserve. This has directly hit the fuel import to Sri Lanka including petrol  diesel and kerosene. Earlier there was a large shortage for petrol and people are staying in queue for days to get 4 Lt of petrol at the price of Rs 400 per liter. Now Sri Lanka Government authorities have came a with a solution for this issue and the system is working perfectly. Also from today (02/02/2023) the Octane 92  petrol price is now available at Rs 400/Lt.

In addition, they made QR code system to offer fuel on weekly basis. Currently vehicle owners can request fuel with their QR Code Fuel Pass. Moreover, the system has been implemented from 01st of August 2022. In addition, Sri Lanka vehicle owners must produce their QR Code to get fuel from the petrol shed.

QR CODE is now implemented Island wide.

Fuel Pass Registration.

Moreover Car, 3Wheel, Motorcycle , Scooter and other owners are requested to register with the Energy Ministry.
For this they must visit this website. https://fuelpass.gov.lk/

Further more you have to provide the following information.

1. Full Name
2. Mobile Phone Number
Next Step. Provide the received OTP. Fill the following
3. Type of Vehicle
4. Vehicle Chassis number
5. Vehicle Registration Number.
6. Address

Need Extra 5 Lt For Three Wheeler?

Visit https://www.wptaxi.lk
Click “Register”
Provide your Mobile phone number.
Enter the code that came in to your Mobile phone.

Provide the following Details. (Images Should be uploaded.)

Personal Details
First Name – Last Name
Mobile Number
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Gender: Female-Male
Date Of Birth: Year Month Date

Police Division:
Divisional Secretariat Division:
Local Council:

Driving license
Insurance certificate
Revenue license
Vehicle photos

NIC Number
Front / Back Image
Driver License Number
License Expiry Date: Year Month Date
Driver License Front- Back Images.
Own Vehicle? Yes – No
If not the owner: Owner NIC, Copy of the vehicle book signed by the owner

If you don’t have Smartphone or Computer visit nearest Communication center with your mobile phone with the above details. Register through their assistance. You will get the OTP to your mobile phone provide it to the communication center operator and get the QR print out from them. (Vehicle number is displayed above the QR code). When going to fill fuel show this QR code print out at the petrol Shed.

How Fuel Pass For Company Vehicles?

Company owners who have multiple vehicles must register for the QR Code Fuel Pass with each of the driver’s NIC and mobile phone number. In other words, mobile phone is important for to get registered for the fuel.
Already registered mobile phone’s can’t be used again to register for QR Code.

Once you had registered in the online website, you will be provided with a unique QR code.
You can have it in your Smartphone or can keep it as a print out.
In addition you can log in and can get the QR Code at any time.
In addition there were 3 groups with the last number of the vehicle’s number plate..
Group1 –  0, 1, 2  Group2 –  3, 4, 5 Group3 – 6, 7, 8, 9. (Now this Group has been discontinued).

How to Get Weekly Petrol?

Above all,at the petrol Station, show your QR code and can get your weekly fuel quota by paying the required Cash.
You can get all the petrol or can get part of it. Report it to the person who is scanning your code.
In addition, if you are not taking all the petrol, then must get the rest fuel within that week.
Once you get fuel from any petrol shed, one SMS will be sent to your Mobile phone.
The SMS  will show Quota used, Vehicle number, the remaining quota and the expiry date.
Allowed weekly Quota.
Motorcycle 4 Lt
3 Wheel (Auto)  5 Lt
Car 20 Lt
Bus 50 Lt

In other words, this QR code based fuel distribution system will be in place till the fuel supply becomes normal in the country. For instance the Auto drivers must register with the police to allocate their fuel Shed name.

In conclusion, Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) 2022 Price List per Liter.

What is the petrol price in Sri Lanka today?
Octane 92 petrol Price: Rs 400/-
Diesel price: Rs 430/-
Super Diesel price: Rs 510/-

Now there is small queues can be seen on Mondays only for the Petrol. The other days there is no queues in the petrol sheds for the petrol.

Yamaha R15 Motorcycle.