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Colombo – Jaffna direct train service is back to normal.Daily there are 4 train services available on this Jaffna – Colombo Train route.They are Yarldevi, Vavuniya Intercity, Night Mail Train and Yaal Nila.

Yaal Nila Jaffna bound train leaves Colombo at 22:00 pm night on Fridays and will start its journey from Jaffna at 10:00pm night on Sundays only. (Ticket Price First Class Rs 4,000/-, Second Class Rs 3,000/- and for the Third Class Rs 2,000/-)

Fuel Pass QR code is NOT necessary anymore to get fuel in Sri Lanka. From today 06th September 2023, it was removed from today. This was announced by the Energy Minister.

Jaffna Nallur Kandaswamy Temple “Theertham”” Festival Today.

Nallur Kandaswamy Temple Theertham festival is Taking place today. This is under its Annual Festival 2023. Millions of people had gathering here for the festival.
View Nallur Ther Festival YouTube Video here.

USA Soccer via Internet This week.

World Women Soccer Champions USA had been knocked out of the current world championship uin the penalty shoot out play. The final of the Women’s World Cup match will be played on Sunday, 20th August, 2023.
Women’s World Cup Semi-finals
Tuesday, 15 August 2023 Spain v Sweden Match over. Spain 2 – Sweden 1
Spain had reached the Final Match of the women’s Football world cup 2023.
Wednesday, 16 August 2023

Australia v England. England beat host Australia 3 – 1 goal difference.
In other match Sweden placed in the third position and the Australian team was placed in the fourth place in this 2023 competition..
Why Inter Miami Football Club is very popular with Internet users?
Because the Soccer Legend Lionel Messi had joined in that club.

Sri Lanka Vegetable , Meat products and Egg prices are still high..

Sri Lanka Vegetable, Meat Products, and Egg prices are still very high. These prices are not affordable by the common people. People are surviving with pumpkin and Tapioca even though they too are selling at high price. Normal Salayo fish is being sold Rs 1,000 per kilo. Earlier it was sold for for Rs 200/- in the markets. Currently eggs are being sold at Rs 50/-

Gold Price in Sri Lanka Today. Official (8 Grams – 1 Pawn)
24K Gold Price: Rs 175,200/- (999.9)
22K Gold Price: Rs 160,600/- (For making Jewels)
International Gold Price:  US$ 1,932.30 Ounce.

Current Sri Lanka Rupees Exchange Rate.

US Dollar – Sri Lanka Rupees. ( Bank of Ceylon Website.)
What is the selling rate of the Sri Lanka rupees against the USA Dollar?

Buying 1 US$ @ Rs 316.77
Selling 1 US$ at Sri Lanka Rs 328.53

International Crude Oil Price: US$ 88.90

Internet,this week, Sigiriya, Sri Lanka  Entrance Ticket Price.
Foreigners US$ 30
Children US$ 15
SAARC Adults + Children US$ 15
Local Visitors Rs 100/-
Local Children Rs 50/-

Make Dialog Star Points in to your phone Reload.

In addition to check your Dialog Star Points call #141#
Then follow the instructions to find your Star Ponts.
If have 156 you can get 56 as reload for your phone.
Its 100 is the base remaining points.
To Reload 56 Star points
SMS Star pay 56 and send to 141

Sri Lanka Cost of living.

Further more, in Sri Lanka meat products, Fish, Vegetables and Fruits are priced at high price and it can’t be afford by poor and Middle class people. A bread loaf is priced between Rs 150 up to Rs 180/-. In addition baddy affected are the children in Sri Lanka who are in need of support from the International community..

Electric Tariff in Sri Lanka has been increased by 80%. (From 10th of August 2022). In addition again the Electricity Tariff had been increased by 80% from this month March 2023. In addition, Sri Lanka Monthly Water supply Bill too had Increased in August 2022.

Sri Lanka rupees is becoming strong against US Dollar and Sri Lanka Bank’s had decreased the interest rates for Depositors and Lenders. In July fixed deposits in the banks will earn 9.11% per annual.

Fastest Trains in the World.
All over the world trains are doing around 250 kph (155 mph) speed.

1. Shanghai Maglev – 460 kph / 286 mph (China)  (30 km in 7.30 minutes)
2. CR400 ‘Fuxing’ Train 350 kph / 217 mph (China)
3. ICE3 – 330 kph / 205 mph (Germany)
4. TGV – 200 kph / 198.5 mph (France)
5. JR East E5 – 320 kph / 200 mph (Japan)
6. Al Boraq – 320 kph / 198.5 mph (Morocco)
7. AVE S-103 – 310 kph / 193 mph (Spain)
8. KTX 305 kph / 190 mph (South Korea)
9. Trenitalia ETR1000 – 300 kph / 186 mph (Italy)
10. Haramain Javelins – High Speed Railway – 300 kph / 186 mph (Saudi Arabia)

Restaurants at Dehiwala Hospital Road. (Near to William Mills Junction)

1. Arcadia Restaurant
5. New Pillawoos Hotel (Chicken Koththu Rs 750/-)
3. Golden Spoon Restaurant
4. Bilal Resturant
5. RJN Takeaway (Vegetarian)
6. Mummy’s Delight (Chicken Koththu Rs 800/-)
7. Milanos KKY Restaurant
8. Nicobar Restaurant
9. Keels Restaurant in Keels Supermarket.
10. Keels Coffee Shop in Keels Supermarket.
11. Tip Top Chinese Food Take Away
12. The Briyani Wok – Take Away
13. Arabian Shawarma
14.. Milano’s KKY Food.
15. French Bakers

Sri Lanka Arrival and Departure Cards.

Sri Lanka Arrival Card and Departure Cards are available ONLINE.
Furthermore complete your arrival and departure cards online. It is possible for Foreigners and Sri Lankan’s.’#/home-page
Nearly all the country people need entry visas for Sri Lanka except Singapore, Maldives and Seychelles. Sri Lanka Rupees are used here everywhere US Dollars, Euro, Canadian Dollars and Australia Dollars are widely accepted.

Public transport is at its best. Sea Plane and Helicopter service too are available.

In addition Sri Lanka Debit Cards and Credit Cards are offered by Government controlled Banks and Private Banks. moreover, you can apply for them through online websites. Anyhow you have to visit the Bank office to complete the process and collect the Credit and Debit cards.

Sri Lanka Tourist Fuel Pass Card.This card will help tourists to obtain fuel for their vehicle. Can obtain from any Sampath Bank Branch.

Sri Lanka National Identity Card  Issuing Fee in Sri Lanka.

In Sri Lanka Rs 200/- will be charged for issuing New National  Identity Card. This was recently announced by the Sri Lanka Government. This came in to effect from 1st of November 2022. In the meantime, charges for issuing duplicate NIC have been revised and the new fee will be Rs. 1,000/-. Moreover this too was came in to effect from 01st of November 2022.

Sri Lanka Passport.

For instance, those who want to have their new passports need to apply for it promptly.  In conclusion, the new passports will be derived to their homes within 3 days time. Above all, his was announced by the Sri Lanka Government Authorities.
Around 30,000 Passports were issued through the online service.
Recently 35,000 online applications were submitted for the new passports. But lot of applicants didn’t go through proper office and many of them didn’t put their signature in their application forms.

Getting New passports.

Therefore, in Sri Lanka those who want to get passport service through one day service or normal service had been  requested to get reservation first. Department’s official website  .
Otherwise, applicants should call the following phone number 070 7101 060.
Passport office will be kept opened from Monday to Friday from 08:30 AM till 03:00 PM for those who have got their appointment. The Department has requested People  NOT to come over there without obtaining an appointment.
Similarly, Passport Fee for under 01 Day Service: Rs 20,000/-
Normal Service Passport Fee: Rs 5,000/-
Child (age 16 – 03) Passport Fee 01 Day Service: Rs 9,000/-
Apply for Sri Lanka Passport ONLINE here.

Foreigners Need Government’s Permission to marry in Sri Lanka. (Internet This Week)

Similarly, Sri Lanka Government had announced that foreign Bride or Groom who are going to marry a Sri  Lanka person must get permission from the Government. More over this is to protect mostly the local Brides from bad activities done through the foreign Grooms. As per the Government, most of the foreign Groom’s had engaged in bad activities after getting married. For instance the foreigner will not get medical benefits that are available for Sri Lanka citizens.

Sri Lanka Unlimited Mobile Phone Calls and Mobile Data Plans.

Above all, popular Dialog Triple Blaster Package Price: Rs 469/- (30 Days Plan)
In addition Dialog Rs 889/- plan gives unlimited calls even to SLT land lines.
Moreover Triple Max Plan Price: Rs 489/-
Additionally Freedom Plan Price: Rs 749/-
In addition, Hutch Unlimited Plan Price:: Rs 749/-

Jaffna – Chennai Flight Service.

Jaffna Chennai One way Ticket Price: Rs 32,500/-
Return Ticket Price: Rs 49,900/-
Flights operating Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday/
Alliance Air.

Colombo to Jaffna Luxury Bus Service.

Jaffna Bus Ticket Price (One way) Rs 3,000/-
Moreover these Busses used to start from Marine Drive, Wellawatte. (Colombo – 06 by 20:00 pm
In Jaffna Colombo Bus used start front Muneeswaran Temple Bus stand (New Bus Stand)
In addition  Sri Lanka Railways had announced that the Jaffna bound direct train service has  started from July 15, 2023. Additionally there are 3 services available daily and the new A/C service will commence on 01st of August 2023.

Internet this week for YouTube “Shorts”. (Internet This Week)

In addition,t, the ban on Tik Tok in India, Instagram “Reels” became one of the favorite platforms for creators. Moreover YouTube “Shorts” is witnessing over 15 billion daily views globally where India is being the major contributor to this platform. Additionally in this page there is facility for to like that clip, Dislike it, write comment, Moreover, Share and use its sound to create your own clip. In conclusion the service is very success in India according to YouTube.

In addition, to create YouTube Shorts.
Open the YouTube in Smartphone.
Click the “+” icon shown in a circle.
Select create a Short.
Above all, accept “Allow Access”.
After that press Continue.

Tourist SIM Card.

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