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Internet this week is updated with latest News. Sri Lanka President who had received 69,00,000 votes in the last held election had fled his Residence due to young people’s peaceful revolt. Now a new president had been elected through the parliament. As of 3rd September 2022 former President who had deserted from his post and resigned had returned back to Colombo today.



How Many Hours Power Cut Today in Sri Lanka?

Power cut in Sri Lanka is now 3 hours per and this may apply till 2nd of October 2022 till repairing broken China provided Turbines. People are charging Smartphones, mobile phones, rechargeable Torch lights and the mosquito Rackets with LED lighting in the evenings. This is to get light during the power cut time. Mosquito Rackets with LED lighting too help them get light in the night. Wealthy people used to make their homes’ electricity with portable Generators and Inverters. In the meantime Candles and box of matches prices too had gone up in Sri Lanka. Also there is shortage for petrol for portable power generators. Moreover kerosene is also in short supply for the table lamps. In conclusion, the real truth is less foreign currency is coming in to the country

Gold Price in Sri Lanka.

As of today International gold price is US$ 1638.40 for an ounce in the world market. In Sri Lanka due to collapse of the Rupee value against the US Dollar had sent the Gold price very high up. Gold is sold in grams as 22 kt and 24 kt where 22 kt is used for manufacturing jewellery. Today’s Gold price for 22K can go up or down due to the International market price change.

Gold Price in Sri Lanka Today. Official (8 Grams . 1 Pawn)
24K Gold Price: Rs 172,000/-
22K Gold Price: Rs 159,100/-


Exchange Rate. US Dollar – Sri Lanka Rupees. (As per BOC Website.)
Buying 1 US$ at Sri Lanka Rs 359.18
Selling 1 US$ at Sri Lanka Rs 369.93


Bitcoin, Today Market Value.

World’s most favored cryptocurrency is marked as Bitcoin. In 2020 November it went up to US$ 70,000. But this week Bitcoin value had gone down and it is selling around US$21, 974 (£18,000). During this week it came down by 25% of its original value.Currently this is the lowest value in 18 months of trading.
Bitcoin Value as of today: US$ 19,776.37

Sri Lanka Litro Cooking Gas Distribution.

Litro Gas price is Rs 4,551/- (12.5Kg) (Revised in September 2022)
Litro Company has reduced their Gas Price further more in this month September. So the new price for the 12.5 Kg cooking gas price is Rs 4,551/- after it was reduced by  Rs 113/-
Empty cylinder: 12.5 kg at Rs 14,000/-, 5 kg at Rs 11,000/-, 2.3 kg at  Rs 7,000/- and 37.5 Kg at Rs 35,000/-
First preference will be given to essential service, Hotels, Restaurants and then to households.

According to  Litro Gas website call for more information dialing the following phone number: 1311.
In the meantime Litro Cooking Gas is being supplied to homes and Restaurants by the agents through their own delivery service. Litro Agent in Wellawatte is delivering it to home in quick time at the rate of Rs 4,850/-.
Furthermore, Litro Gas Android App url:

Cooking Gas is going to be distributed  by LAUGFS company today as they had received 3,000 MT gas shipment.
Their 12.5 kg cylinder domestic LP gas was reduced by Rs. 1,050/= .
LAUGFS Gas New Price.
12.5 kg Rs. 5,800/-
05 kg Rs. 2,320/-
02 kg Rs. 928/-

Electric Tariff in Sri Lanka has been increased by 80%. (From 10th of August 2022)
Sri Lanka Monthly Water Bill had Increased. 

Sri Lanka Passport.

In Sri Lanka those who want to get passport service as one day service or normal service had been  requested to get reservation first through the Department’s official website  or they are requested to call the following phone number 070 7101 060. Passport office will kept be opened from Monday to Friday from 08:30 AM till 03:00 PM for those who have got their appointment. People are requested NOT to come over there without obtaining an appointment.

Foreigners Need Permission to marry in Sri Lanka. (Internet This Week)

Sri Lanka Government had announced that foreign Bride or Groom who are going to marry a Srilanka person must get permission from the Government. This is to protect mostly the local Brides from bad activities done through the foreign Grooms. The Government has said that most of the foreign Groom’s engaged in bad activities after getting married to Sri Lanka girls. For instance the foreign Bride or Groom will not be allowed to get the medical benefits that are available for the Sri Lanka citizens.


YouTube Shorts in India. (Internet This Week)

After the ban on Tik Tok in India, Instagram “Reels” became one of the favorite platforms for creators. In the mean time YouTube “Shorts” is witnessing over 15 billion daily views globally where India is being the major contributor to this platform. Moreover in this page there is facility for to like that clip, Dislike it, write comment, Share and use its sound to create your own clip.

In addition,creating YouTube Shorts.
Open the YouTube in Smartphone.
Click the “+” icon shown in a circle.
Select create a Short.
Above all accept “Allow Access”.
After that Continue.

Sri Lanka Closing 3G Service. carrier had decided to close the 3G networks for their current mobile phones clients. They will provide4G network only. So all their clients who don’t have 4G enabled Smartphones must buy a brand new phone in the near future. This will allow them to get the Mobile services. Currently they are popular with their unlimited calls to any network with their Rs 749/- package in Sri Lanka. Also with this package they are offering 1GB/day 4G Anytime Data

WhatsApp Stopped Support for Millions of Smartphones. (Internet This Week)

Internet This Week, there is a new WhatsApp update is coming soon and it will prevent this messaging app from functioning in millions of Smartphones from January 1, 2021. Older version of Android and iPhone devices will no longer support the latest version of this app. So it will request the owners to update their mobile operating system (OS) or to buy a latest smartphone. In addition Apple devices must have iOS 9 or newer version. Android Smartphones must have Android 4.0.3 or high version.  In addition, this is also known as Ice Cream Sandwich will no longer to function with this new WhatsApp application.

As per Internet This Week all the iPhone models up to the iPhone 4 will be unable to operate the WhatsApp, as those devices are not capable of updating to iOS 9 or the latest. In addition following Android phones will lose WhatsApp support includes Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC Desire and LG Optimus Black.

Tourist SIM Card.