Free Wi-Fi For SLT Pre-Paid Customers

Free Wi-Fi for SLT pre-paid customers is the words that young people like to hear. Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) has launched one promotion. This is by providing free Internet access for ‘pre-paid’ SLT Wi-Fi scratch card users. It comes via public Wi-Fi hotspots island wide public places in all the main cities.  Meanwhile SLTGO service is  offered by the SLT to its broadband customers to get WI-Fi on the go using their home ADSL Account. Enable the service by calling SLT Hotline 1212. Install the SLTgo App in your Smartphone and connect to your home ADSL account by using your username and password from anywhere you find any Wi-Fi Hotspot. The service uis provided with the association of FON.

Around 200 Wi-Fi hot spot locations will be provide free Internet access to the users who have purchased SLT Wi-Fi pre-paid card. SLT has enhanced convenience for internet users by buying pre-paid Wi-Fi internet cards. Cards are available online for purchase through credit cards. Also available at its Regional offices, Tele-shops and authorized dealers’ island wide.

The SLT pre-paid SSID is accessible from public hotspot locations by use of an SLT pre-paid Wi-Fi scratch card. Data allocated via the scratch card will remain unconsumed until the conclusion of the promotion. The validity period of a pre-paid card will begin at the initial registration for the SLT pre-paid Wi-Fi service.

Additionally Pre-paid options:
Rs.100 500 MB 14 days
Rs.300 2GB 30 days
Rs.500 4GB 30 days

Free Wi-Fi From SLT Telecom.

Earlier SLT had successfully provided ‘post-paid’ public free Wi-Fi promotion in February and March 2017, SLT the provider of highest data volume, fastest Internet and best value for money. The SLT pre-paid free Wi-Fi promotion offers mobility to the brand’s home and office broadband customers and also encourages non-SLT Internet users to acquire an SLT pre-paid Wi-Fi facility to enjoy internet connection on the go.

In addition, SLT broadband customers can use their username and password of their home broadband service to connect with Public Wi-Fi services without any new registrations.

Further more, SLT, the Sri Lanka Telecom is the largest service provider for land lines and wired broad band (ADSL) service. In addition their network covers all over the island with perfect after sales service.

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