FIFA World Cup 2022.

FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar.

How to watch FIFA Football Matches in Sri Lanka TV?

National TV – Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation.
Paid TV FIFA Football Match Telecasters.
Dialog TV – Channel ONE – 001 and Channel 140
SLT Peo TV – Channel Number 20

FIFA World Cup 2022 matches are now being held in Qatar.
The tournament started on 20th November 2022.
Some days there will be 3 – 4 Football matches will be played. 3:30 PM, 6:30PM, 9:30PM and 00:30 AM
Matches will be played till 18th December 2022 which is the Final Championship Match Day.

Participating Teams.

Host Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, the Netherlands, England, Iran, USA, Wales, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland, France, Australia, Denmark, Tunisia, Spain, Costa Rica, Germany, Japan, Belgium, Canada, Morocco,Croatia, Brazil (5 times Champions), Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon, Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, and South Korea. France is the reigning champions, who had won the last held World Cup 2018 in Russia.


Matches to Watch in FIFA 2022.

United States Soccer Team’s Matches used to get more viewers in the USA. Meanwhile Brazil, Netherlands, England, Argentina, France, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Serbia, Switzerland, and Portugal used to get lot of TV Viewers from all over the world. This time there will be no soccer team supporters clash may not occur in the stadiums as they are alcohol banned areas.

Remaining FIFA Group stage Matches.

Thursday, 1st of December 2022.

Match 1 – Group C: Poland vs Argentina
2. Group C: Saudi Arabia vs Mexico
3. Group F: Croatia vs Belgium – 8:30 PM LK Time
4. Group F: Canada vs Morocco – 8:30 PM LK Time

Friday, December 2nd

Match 1 – Group E: Japan vs Spain – 12:30 AM LK Time
2. Group E: Costa Rica vs Germany – 12:30 AM LK Time
3. Group H: South Korea vs Portugal – 8:30 PM LK Time
4. Group H: Ghana vs Uruguay – 8:30 PM LK Time

2022 FIFA Records.
Qatar the host country lost their opening match in this 2022 FIFA tournament. This made Qatar to be the first host Nation to lose their opening match in the FIFA History.
Argentina had a shock defeat at the hands of  Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia 2 Goals Argentina 1 Goal. Saudi Arabia celebrated it with a National Holiday.
Brussels show riot on its street after the shock defeat to Morocco. Goals 2 – 0

Saturday, December 3rd

Match 1 – Group G: Cameroon vs Brazil – 12:30 AM LK Time
2. Group G: Serbia vs Switzerland – 12:30 AM LK Time

FIFA 2022 Round of 16.

Saturday, December 3rd

Group A winner vs Group B runners-up – 8.30 PM LK Time

Sunday, December 4th

Group C winner vs Group D runners-up – 12.30 AM LK Time
Group D winner vs Group C runners-up – 8.30 PM LK Time

Monday, December 5th

Match 1 – Group B winner vs Group A runners-up – 12.30 AM LK Time
2. Group E winner vs Group F runners-up – 8.30 PM LK Time

Tuesday, December 6th

Match 1 – Group G winner vs Group H runners-up – 12.30 AM LK Time
Group F winner vs Group E runners-up – 8.30 PM LK Time

Wednesday, December 7th

Group H winner vs Group G runners-up – 12.30 AM LK Time


Quarter final. Friday, December 9th, 2022.

Quarter-final 1 – 8.30 PM LK Time

Saturday, December 10th

Match 1 – Quarter-final 2 – 12.30 AM LK Time
Match 2 – Quarter-final 3 – 8.30 PM LK Time

Sunday, December 11th
Quarter-final 4 – 12.30 AM LK Time

Wednesday, December 14th
Semi-finals 1 – 12.30 AM LK Time

Thursday, December 15th
Semi-final 2 – 12.30 AM LK Time

Saturday, December 17th
Third place match – 8.30 PM LK Time

18th Sunday, December 2022.
Final FIFA World Cup Championship Match.– 8.30 PM LK Time

Groups and Countries.

Group A

Group B
Islamic Republic of Iran

Group C
Saudi Arabia

Group D

Group E
Costa Rica

Group F

Group G

Group H
Republic of Korea

Official FIFA Website.

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