Credit Cards in Sri Lanka

Credit cards are being carried by more than 50% of the Sri Lanka citizens as they don’t like to carry cash. So now when they are going out for shopping or dinning, they used to carry this with them. Nearly all the banks are offering them to their customers with different amount of money capacity. Now due to Corona Virus infection, more people are going for the credit cards usage. Many business establishments including Supermarkets allow customers to insert and take out the cards by themselves.

Kinds of Cards.

During the Holidays credit card providers used to offer special discounts for purchasing in supermarkets and other popular stores. Want to buy an LED TV from a store that is accredited to your credit card company? They can offer you 20% discount on the TV and you can pay the amount through your credit card. It can be paid on monthly basis for  20 – 50 months in installment. There will be no interest for you to pay. Also there is web-card that acts as credit card for online usage. Every time use this card the owner must keep it refilled with enough money.  Also all these cards require to be renewed every 2 – 3 years.

You can buy things from supermarkets. Then pay for it with your credit card and for the total amount you will get some points. Purchasing will be allowed with that points, when have collected a lot through each purchase.

Credit Card Balance Payment.

The credit card companies allow you to pay the remaining balance after 45 days and you can pay a minimum amount on it. If you don’t have the cash to settle it. Beware an interest will be added to your remaining payment amount.  You will get monthly bill for the card usage while if you had registered for their SMS service you will get notification each time you use the card. The best way to settle your Credit Card balance is to visit your bank where you got the card. There you settle the balance for easy payment. Also you can pay from a bank account and you will have to pay a service fee for it. Likewise you can pay through Service Apps and through mobile payment systems. These too will request for service charge.

Most of the newly married couples and young people used to buy TV, washing machines, Smartphones and many other gadgets through this credit card payment method to settle the amount slowly on installment plans without paying any interest.


In Conclusion, card balance should be paid by cash or through online banking facility. In addition, if the card is lost or want to know about the remaining balance or other quarries you can contact the 24 hours help center being run by the credit card company. Further more, you will have to provide NIC number and some other information as a security measure to get credit card information.

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