Woman On Motorcycle.

Woman On Motorcycle.
Woman on Motorcycle does speed and stunts. The popular Russian woman Olga Pronina, who used to ride on motorcycle and do stunt for her fans and followers, met her fate when she was riding her latest stunt show on a highway. At that time she was riding a BMW S1000RR in the Russian town Vladivostok.

Woman Riding Motorcycle. Olga Pronina.

Olga Pronina is a Russian beauty and she is 40 years old. She is mother of a child. By profession she is a hairdresser.
She loves to ride motorcycle at high speeds and being named as dare devil girl and so far she got more than 12 numbers of speed tickets from the Russian police.

What brand of motorcycle she used to ride?
Most of her stunt photos and videos show her with the BMW S1000RR (Priced US$ 16,000 in the USA) and in some other pictures she was with the other popular brand motorcycles. She used to ride at 250Km/h sped and once in her post she said that “By the way, doing 250kmph and holding one hand is very uncomfortable,”

Her popularity.
Olga Pronina had nearly +176,000 followers in the Instagram and she was very popular for her her sexy snapshots with motorcycles and dare devil stunt motorbike riding video clips.

Woman Riding Motorcycle.. How she met the accident?
It was said that she was riding on her BMW motorcycle at high speed as her regular stunt show recording. But all of a sudden she lost control of her bike and hit a side railing on Monday evening and at thew spot she died before medical assistance could assist her. So far her action camera could not be found. This Instagram star had her motorcycle’s rear wheel 600m away from the accident wreckage.

Watch Video.
Olga Pronina performs stunts while riding motorcycle for her fans Olga Pronina who went by ‘Monika9422’ online.
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