Sri Lanka Youths And Motorcycles.

Sri Lanka youths like to own their motorcycle to enhance their life style. They are ready to spend from Rs 150,000/- to Rs 700,000/- to own their dream motorbike. First their choice is Macho look and its color, then the sound it produces it comes in to their imagination. Most of them used to own 250 CC powered Japanese Motorcycles. But its fuel consumption make many of them to back off their idea due to the local heavy cost of living.

In this case they look for the Japanese designed motorcycles that were assembled in India and and used to be imported by corporate companies. Some of them pay cash on purchase and get rid of paying the monthly installment. Otherwise they have to face monthly payments that comes behind the leasing or financing from finance companies.

Some used to modify exhaust pipes with modern one to get smart sound and peoples attention on their motorbike. Few Sri Lanka Youths used to stick specially designed stickers on the body of their motor bikes but some people avoid it as the machines may lose their second hand market value due to those stickers. There are youngsters used to fit funny horns and lighting in their motorbikes.

Sri Lanka Youths Actions.

Sri Lanka Youths are doing dangerous things to show their new life style to their friends. By making video clips with the help of their friends while they achieve high speed on their motorcycle on remote roads. This is everyone’s dream after buying their motorcycle. But many youth had lost their lives after trying the high speed stunt. Many riders had hit other vehicles or went out of the road.

Now in Sri Lanka specially in Colombo, you can view Yamaha FZ motorcycles on the roads which  are priced around Rs 350,000/- to Rs 550,000/- and are becoming more popular with the younger generation. The Bajaj motorcycles still leads the overall motorcycle sales here along with competing Honda and TVS models.

Youngsters must know that their normal motorcycle insurance will not cover any incidents that were occurred while trying on racing and stunt actions. For these you must get special insurance packages.