LED TV Prices Slashed.

LED TV prices are slashed in Sri Lanka for the top branded 32″ LED TV sets like as Black Friday sale in the USA.
As of 05/10/2018 following are the price of the popular TV sets.

Panasonic 32″ TV                       Rs 39,000/-
Panasonic 49″ Smart TV         Rs 210,900/-
Samsung   43″ Smart TV         Rs 110,000/-

These digital TV models are price marked nearly half of their original sale prices. They are selling through the online sales portals in large numbers. These LED TV Sets don’t consume lot of electricity while they are in operation due to the energy efficiency of LED. Perfect colors are provided with the exceptional brightness future. Viewers can get crisp, high definition picture with enhanced colors in their homes while they are looking cricket matches, Tele-dramas or movies in Sri Lanka. Guarantee period may vary according to your payment as some offers one year while others offer 2 years warranty period with higher price than the one year warranty period.

This is a great opportunity for those homes and shops that are still using the older model tube TV’s. Most of the homes have the larger tube TV’s that were bought at higher prices years back. But the thought of its price hounds the owners investing one new model LED HD TV’s for their homes. The new LED models used to take small space and uses less power than the conventional older TVS. And these old ones have the problem of connecting the latest gadgets like Play Station and other devices in to it and enjoy the life styles.
Panasonic 65 inches, 4K, Ultra HD TV      Price    Rs 489,600/-
Samsung Smart TV 55 inches Smart TV  Price    Rs 127,000/-
Panasonic 49 inches, Smart TV                  Price    Rs 92,000/-

LED TV Sri Lanka prices.

Most of these 32 inches LED TV are available around the price of Rs 24,000/-
They provide,
32” Full HD LED TV
1920 x 1080p Full HD Resolution
Programmable On-Off Timer
Streaming Content:
Digital Audio Output Type:
Composite Video Inputs:
HDMI Ports – 2
2 USB with Movie, JPEG and MP3 Support
AV Input – 2
Power: Multi Voltage : 100 – 240v

For what the HDMI port is used?

HDMI port is to connect HD LED TV sets with equipment such as AV receiver, DVR, Blu-ray Disc player. Any HDMI switch box will allow multimedia PCs, laptops and netbooks, gaming consoles, camcorders, digital still cameras, and mobile devices can be connected to the HD TV.

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